Nothing Else to Be

It's all been said before
We are all repeating ourselves, 
And yet
Words keep coming...
Expressions arise..

THIS cannot be described because how can something which IS itself,  look at itself as an object in order to describe what it sees?

And how can THIS, which in fact is not an object, be described, except by an object which is outside of it, observing it?


There is no way out of THIS...everywhere "you" turn,  you will find YOU.  

Every seeming mind movement away from right here, THIS, is doomed. Doomed!  THERE IS NOTHING ELSE -THIS IS IT.

End, stop, fin, finito, ende...

Any, any, any thought that arises - now - arises in THIS that you ARE....no way around it,  no way out of it, no way into it, no way, no way, no way, no other way. 

There may be a complete collapse here....of what?  A belief in a thought...
Is there ever a belief in a thought - here and now?  Is there any other "time?" 

Only THIS.  Nowhere else to go.  Nothing else to be.


Along For the Ride

We're told that there is nothing to do about Enlightenment, Liberation, Awakening, etc.
We're told that there is no one to do anything about it, 
because there is no one separate from what is.

Sometimes it is suggested that as long as there is a belief that there is a separate person here, we might as well look for that person
in order to really see once and for all that there is no one...

All of this is valid communication, but it all eventually comes back to this:
Who is going to do or not do anything?
You can be told all day to look, look, look for the separate person, but will it happen? No guarantee.  
You can be told that all there is is THIS, but will there be understanding?  In fact, none of us understands THIS - it's total free-fall!  There is no understanding, there is just Being...the minute we think we know something, we're playing in the story of "me." (and there is nothing wrong with that at all)

In the story, anything can happen.  Looking can happen, resonance, Liberation that strikes like a lightning bolt, a gradual falling away of the "me."  But it's all story and not significant.  It's like the myriad colors of flowers, each one unique in appearance, but in essence the same thing.  

What happens in the story is not what THIS is about.  THIS is what the story happens in.  And that is what we are.  So "you" cannot choose to do nothing, to surrender or to investigate the "I."  These things will happen or they won't.  Let's watch!  The river is constantly moving toward the ocean, it doesn't "choose" to, it's just the way, Life Itself.  

Life Itself is appearing as a story of "you."  The story goes on (seemingly, nothing is really happening), all the while what is searched for already IS.  How could it be any other way?  All the beliefs that go with the story are part of the play of Beingness and just because there is a belief in separation and convincing appearances doesn't make it true.  Nothing is true.  There is only THIS, only YOU.  The little "you" is along for the ride - a dream character, delighted in!

 "You" will continue to search until "you" don't.  But there is nothing to worry about because you cannot fail to BE WHAT YOU ARE, which is the ALL, the One, Beingness itself!  There is only success!  IT IS DONE.

And the story goes on.... until ???    ;-))


Know Nothing And Be

The mystery of what we are is not about knowledge...
We know nothing, and we cannot know "This."
We think someone knows something and passes on this knowledge,
But it's really about not-knowing anything:
an undoing, 
               a falling into the mystery.
The next step is unknown...who steps without feet?*
The next breath is not a certainty...who is doing breathing?
Words, if they come, are non-existent until spoken...
But what is heard?

The play of Life is exquisitely perfect.
What "we" want is so irrelevant!
What IS cannot help but rejoice in be-ing..
There is nothing else.

So, we can relax.  
In fact, we are already the very essence of relaxation.
"Getting" it or knowing something is not necessary at all.
All is well, as it is. 
What we are is beyond knowledge and understanding,
and we can't help but BE it,
always now,
now, and 

No thought, feeling, belief, or sensation can annihilate this truth.

* "This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment.  First, to let go of life.  Finally, to take a step without feet." - Rumi