Grace is here, now. Grace is here for you. It IS you. Always present. No need to look for it. Everything you could possibly want is here, now.

Let it sink in.....This is It....all that you have searched for...all you've ever needed or wanted. The search is over, forever. Isn't it wonderful? Sure, problems will likely come,(who knows?) challenges, too, but YOU won't mind....Some say that God or Oneness (or whatever name you like) doesn't care, but This is not some cold indifference. God or Oneness (YOU!) just doesn't see anything wrong.

All the while "you" thought that "you" were suffering, there was only This, here. There was never anything but Grace. There never was a "you" to suffer, so what happened? Isn't it just a memory now? And what is that? Isn't that just an energetic movement in ..... YOU?

Where is the Enlightenment, the Liberation, the Shining Awareness that everyone is talking about? It's here, now. It's all YOU. So close that it's impossible to see. You can only BE it. You've always been it.

There is no separate "you" to do anything about any of this....nowhere to turn, where YOU are not...complete, peaceful joy, wanting nothing, delighting in everything....this is the Full Stop. This is Grace. Always here.

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