The years passed through me
like ghosts,
Brushing coils
of time,
That never started
or stopped.

Verbs circled,
Nouns grew,
This happening,
A vision
worthy of Michelangelo’s

The chair holds me now,
yet I’m not even touching it.
The stars draw me in,
twins that we are...
It’s okay,
something whispers.
But I already know.

I have not moved.
Not once.

I have not moved,
Since forever.


P assion
   P eace
      P lay
P lease

m e
   m ine
y ou
  i t
i s

N ow
    S leep
      S ee
W hy
         w e
   W ake

R un
  H ere
F ear
   N ot
      T hings