Fair Play

Hi readers
if you're out there,
I want to hear from you.
Send me a word, a sentence,
a shape, a blank space,
a poem...no matter.
Let me know where you 
are with nothingness and
We all know there is 
nothing to say about it,
so please,
say nothing
in your own special way. 
Let me see you, 
in the comments.
It'll warm my heart.


Megan King said...

Hi Mary,
Where am I with nothingness and everythingness? I am nowhere, though a self-image appears in space and time with regularity, and is sometimes believed. And each time it's noticed that attention has focused in and identified with some idea of a separate self, a dilation spontaneously occurs until it's once again seen as imaginary.
Then, only seeing is observed. In this seeing, the idea of a separate self arises and is perceived as all seeming objects are perceived: empty and interdependent.
Thank you for asking.

Mary said...

Hi Megan,

Thank you for sharing/playing :-). I love your description of empty and interdependent. It's nice to see you!

Ruud said...

Hi Mary,

I think Nisargadatta said 'Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. Between the two my life flows'. I think that it's a great way of saying it. The nothing and everything are both true, at the same time. I am not, and yet, here I am. Funny stuff, sitting at my desk, preparing and packing for the London Yoga show with Ekhart Yoga this weekend, very busy, lots of deadlines to meet and yet..nothing's happening, no time, no person, just endless this.
Anyway, got to hurry;)


Mary said...

Lucky you, Ruud! Tell Esther I said hi :-) I love that quote from Nisargadatta. Thanks for posting, and have fun in London!

Harald said...

a deep blue sky
always changing
always the same
here I am

Mary said...

Harald, thank you. Your poem gave me a deep breath and a sweet smile.

Rob said...

Hi Mary

This is a brave request. You realise that many a hipster nondualist out there will feel that the best expression of their nothingness is simply their absence from this comments page. :D

I have a problem with nothing since, plainly, there is always something...

Ah but when we look for it we find no thing - at least no thing that isn't arising with everything else - right now - look!

So all there is is this everything. And everything, being every-thing, is dependent on nothing (what could it be dependent on or relative to that's not included in everything.)

Confronted with this vastness that depends on nothing but itself and exists outside of all conditions… my brain starts to itch (in a pleasant way) and I realise that this is a mystery beyond the puny grasp of the mortal machinery through which it is glimpsed… and then I reach for my guitar or pour a glass of wine. :)

Mary said...

Rob, you have the right attitude in my book– I raise my wine glass and toast you! Thank you for the well expressed wisdom. :-)

Me said...

Hello Mary,
This beautiful writer I will quote below said something I think you will appreciate. It is so true...

She says, "I only know
that this tiny seed
is also the decaying log,
deep in the green forest
of hanging tendrils,
billowing softly
in the breeze
of silence."

That is some beautiful imagery...and even better resilient truth.

peace to you,

Mary said...

Thank you, Charlie, for your kind words. I really like the way you describe truth as "resilient"– says it all in a word. Much peace to you, too.

willie said...

On October 21st, My girlfriend and I watched as the apartment building that I lived in burned to the ground. I lost every material possession that I owned.
This sort of occurrence is a shock to the nervous system no matter how one might feel about it. As we watched 25 foot high flames consume the roof of the building and finally get to my apartment, I mentioned to my lady friend that big troubles usually come in threes - according to an old adage.

Two days later, I was informed that one of my sisters was found dead in her residence in San Antonio TX. I had not seen or talked to my departed sister in 30 years. I found it very difficult to react with anything but indifference to the announcement. Nevertheless, I considered that sad situation "number 2".

A couple of days ago, a friend that I have known for 50 years called to tell me that he has lymphoma. That is a euphemism for inevitable indignities that us meat puppets must endure as we make ready to up and disappear. When I got off the phone and informed my girlfriend about the nature of the call, she simply said "number 3".

It's all perfect. Absolutely perfect. Things can only be what they are. I am okay with recent events, but it would not matter if I wasn't.

It's really hard to get the smell of a fire out of one's nose!

Mary said...

Willie, I hardly know what to say, I'm very sorry about these recent events! I wish you and yours warmth, comfort, and peace during this time. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, it is, indeed, perfect.

jimmymc said...

Hi Mary
Just stopped by to visit your site. I have been here many times before but it has been a couple of months. I love your writing. You said you wish me to write you and I was moved to do so, but what do I write? Your words sometimes warm me and encourage me, sometimes they bite. I could holler "Help!!", but the questions seem to deconstruct themselves before they could be written down. I know they are questions about a "me". I have heard Advaita described somewhere as a tiger, or more specifically as a tiger's mouth. I feel irretrievably stuck in that mouth and I suppose trying to relax while I still seem to slide back and forth between hoping the mouth will close and fear that it won't, while at the same time reading and try to see over and over again what is being pointed at.
I guess that is about the best I can do this evening as far as saying "nothing".

Thank you so much for what you have written.


Mary said...

James, I'm so glad that you decided to comment! I really like what you wrote, it's perfect. The "me" when it's around is perfect, too – I'm a fan. :-) Thank you for your wisdom.

Climbing By Starlight said...

Hi Mary,

such poems.
Love them.


Mary said...

Thank you for the comment, John. Delighted that you visited!

Michel Bellegarde said...

Just found out your blog and your beautiful poems....So.....Since i am not gifted myself at the written expression....i just borrow from the gifted ones....That i just did with a poem of yours....I hope you won't mind my doing so....(if you do, let me know)...Thank you...I certainly will take time to discover your exquisite writings...Love/Light...Michel...Here is the link: http://nomindsland.blogspot.gr/2015/02/mary-mcgovern-streaming.html

Mary said...

Hi Michel,

Thank you for visiting, and your kind words. What a lovely collection of art and writings at your site!