don't move   

stay right here    can you?

this is where it is    right here

don't go anywhere   if you can

this is it    there is no way around 

everything you want   is here   now

nothing can replace   you   a no thing

if you are looking   okay

if you aren't looking    okay

but there's no destination 

no satisfaction   ever 

away from here    nothing's going to happen 

though   it may seem to   move and change

it's just here    nowhere else

forever  now   is the savior 

         stay with me

can you?



home again
   and again
the place I never left

people die
hearts get broken
the bumps and bruises
of life have their way

it's all so profoundly embraced

there is nothing that
wants it to be different

as it is
so it is

full on engagement

even as I move
   to change
   to create
   to mourn
   to ponder

no preferences
doesn't mean
not caring

doesn't mean

deeply accepting
whatever appears
is my nature, no
on or off switch

nothing wrong
with the dive into humanness
the rise from ignorance
the blissed-out nothingness
or the dogma of no one

it is ALL saturated with love,
steeped in assent

there is no one

here we are
   living and
   loving and
   hurting and


have I got it yet?
am I ok?

I ask you,

would want
   to deny