Love Letter

When it comes to
the question of you,
the answer is always


And sometimes your no
is the biggest yes
of all.

You are held,
in all ways,
in tsunami tears
and rolling laughter,
emptiness spilling
over your edges.

You are that full

   of no thing.

You can never
be denied love -
never !

Because love you are.

Every ache, every contraction,
every resistance
is the cosmic embrace,
spouting warm
velvet tears -
or maybe
fiery raging power bolts.

No matter what happens,
you are the preferred,
      the accepted,
              the beloved.

This deep, deep sustenance
is simply itself,
through you, as you,
beyond inseparable,
so that
saying "you" simply becomes
a shocking smile, 
the explosion 
of gushing
fragrant isness.

Your music is tasted,
your colors heard,
danced to, each
texture of you
nuzzled, taken in.

There is nothing wrong

         with you.

You -

are so, so right.


Rob said...

"This deep, deep sustenance
is simply itself,
through you, as you..."

So, so right, Mary. ;-)

Mary said...

Thank you, Rob, so glad you visited ! :-)

André said...

This is great news for the soul. Heart-warming... <3

Mary said...

Thank you for commenting, André!