When you came knocking,
brandishing sharp pangs,
I thought I had to ignore you,
deny, or destroy you.

At best, I thought I had to 
make you disappear,
willingly and softly, 
trailing rose petals.

What can I say?
Beliefs are hilarious.

Instead you were welcomed,
as none other than
this Love.
Gut wrenching and heart aching
your way through the mist
of certainty,
finally listened to, accepted
as my own -
shame and glory both
invited to the party.

Instead of rose petals,
you dug in deeper and
gifted me with wildflowers- 
indiscriminate bloomers,
sudden sun saluters.
What is this peaceful 
meadow, but the resting
place of the unwanted?

I used to think that pain
said something true about me,

but it doesn't.

I used to think there was unlove,

but there isn't.