Rock Solid

The peaks are covered with
the softest white blanket,
the baby blue heaven is
streaked with cotton candy,
then slowly, like red peaches,
sun slipping into sleep.

How long have the mountains
been here?
When did they arrive, when
will they leave?
Silent sentries, steadfast,
moving ever so slowly,
with conviction.

And we have been here longer.
We will survive the survivors.
We are anchored to the very
center of the earth, rock solid,
while at the same time birthing
the furthest constellations.

The peaceful snow scene,
the tiny sparkling mirrors,
the thin, luminous arc of a
moon, like a quick brushstroke-
these lovely, silent messengers,
reminding us.

What we are is deeply,
and irrevocably
what is.


Anonymous said...

The title is 'Rock Solid' but the words landed gentle like a feather...

Best of the season and a wondrous New Year - Suki

Mary said...

Thank you Suki, I love the image of feathery lightness. Warm wishes to you for a wonderful year as well! Thank you for visiting :-)

realiven said...

I found this scene, which to me feels as though you haven't written, but are an intimate part of, silently riveting.

I have also been more open to 'non-duality' (whatever that is) the last couple of days, so appreciating your poetry as wholes.

Thank you for this meaning-full landscape, it stays with me.

Guy x

Mary said...

Thank you so much, Guy, for being a shining reminder and example of connectedness. I am so glad that something touched you. x

Maury Lee said...

That rock solid center is, as noted, inside us, and we are that. Gracefully said.

Mary said...

Thank you, Maury, I'm glad you visited!