Wanting What I Am

This is not dry, barren
or indifferent,
unless it is..

This is also bone-crushing,
tidal waving desire.

Storms of want,
raining in torrents,
mysterious, wonderful, amazing
shocks of feeling,
dragging us, dumbstruck,
into the well.

Walking in the desert for so long,
it is tempting to miss the water,
to forget to drink.

Diving deep,
travelling down,
into the beginning
of nothing,
up is down,
out is in,
body breaking,
tears pouring,
earth splitting,
quaking open,
and nobody cares
what happens
there is


containing absolutely
everything and anything
we never knew we wanted.

the origin and
fulfillment of every
imaginable yearning,
the balm for every
hurt, the silent answer
to every question.

A wildly precious
this is what Love
gives to Itself.

The desert can be beautiful.

So can a hurricane.


Story Time

Tell me the life of your story,
and I'll tell you mine.
Tell me about love, happiness, and heartbreak,
chocolate, science, and rainbows.

Tell me about One, looking like two,
or about One being nothing,
and everything.

Nothing doesn't stop something from appearing.

Does Being prefer a smile to a tear?
I don't think so,
not unless you do..

Whatever you want
is wanting.

Whomever you love,
is already love.

Whenever you hurt, Being is there.

The very fabric of your story, my story,
is the sweet breath of Being, loving to be.

No possibility of wanting something else,
unless you do..
No desire to alter what is,
unless you do..

The "me" and the "you" are the absolute
expressions of what is, right now.

Oneness loving to be, as you, as me.

Cherished, welcomed, loved and desired.
Not as an object, but as the very essence of
unavoidable, irresistible.

There is no escaping.
However Beingness appears is exactly how it must appear.
Until appearing as something else.

In the swirling kaleidoscope of what seems to be,
nothing is really happening,
what seems to change is changelessness.

Inside of that secret, the life of the story might
churn and burn.

It's really all right.
No one wants to stop it,
because we can only BE it.

No other choice but
absolute freedom.