Not Far From the Moon

Not far from the moon,
Jupiter winked back,
and I started to fly,
up and higher
stretching out to darkness,
wanting to go in,
longing to vanish in cool
blackness peppered with


The journey continued,
bright star super nova
approaching, engulfing,
each piece of illusion
burned into comet tails,
there I go again, oh
lost another one.

Then renaissance,
blazing eruption
here I am again,
another blast off,
another star birth,
zooming toward earth.

Landing with grace and ease,
peaceful arrival,
I'm captured again,
but laugh as I'm held,
smile as I play
cosmic dramas,
always safe,
always peace,

And still,
I love stars.


Rob said...

Wow, you're really on a roll Mary. I love where you're going with this stuff... so refreshing.

Hey, Nonduality Books... take note of the best kept secret in nonduality!!!

Mary said...

Hi Rob,
Thank you for your sweet comment, it made my day :-)
I'm so glad that something resonates with you.