is the vibrating, shimmering plane of experiencing

in which nothing arises or disappears,

timeless and spaceless, without beginning or end.

There are no separate objects

being experienced by a separate subject.

There is only the seamless,

no-distance-from-Being experience-ing.

Feeling feet and seeing windows occur here.

There is no there, away from This.

There can't be, there is only This.

The experiencing of "window"

at a distance from the experiencing

of "body" is all happening at zero distance

from what I am.

Trees and ideas are simply Being,

tree-ing and idea-ing.

Or we could say they are simply the act of experience-ing.

Only verbs here,

though nothing is happening.

So-called objects are made up of the experiencing

of them.

All is always only Oneness -

no boundaries, no separation.

Whatever seems to exist is a happening

in the placeless here and the timeless now.

And it's not an event, it's just what we are.

No separation,

no subject/object,

no time,

no space,


The flower is flower-ing.