This Is What We Want

There is something soft inside all of us.
Each doubt, each challenge, each hateful
refusal is met with an opening..

A tender leaf unfurling, always
fresh, always Spring.

And stronger than granite.

There is nowhere to go, but here.
Nothing to meet, but this melting

No use fighting it, for fighting
is helpless, handcuffed, arrested,
against the forces of tenderness.

A delicate smile cracks mountains,
rock shards tumbling into
deep wells of benevolence.

Always embraced, pains
and tears are honored company,
no one rejects the rejecting.

Can't stay here.
Can't leave here.

This is what here is.

Searching for love, we find
love searching.

And that is quite enough.

Crashing into unknown bliss,
peace holds us gently.

Diving into free-fall,
love is pulling out the

What we thought we wanted
is a fading ghost.

If tears are shed, all good.
They wash away dusty memories,
and water the bud of now.