I Am The Sky

I am the Sky.

Wings slash through me,
tickling my heart,

Leaves swirl in circles inside me,
flipping and flopping,

Tall building rise up like trunks
inside my legs,

I am the Sky.

I have no body,
no heart, no mind.

Concepts are born, from cracked eggs.
They disappear in ashes.

Stories float, leap, fall and dive,
inside the open, empty field that
I am.

So vast,
so beyond,
so burst open!

An idea is like a tiny cloud,
swimming silently, lonely, inside
the first and only One.

Words squiggle their way
through my imaginary bloodstream,

And I watch,
I delight.

I am the Sky,
and I am not.

Even Absolute Freedom
is a wisp of smoke
in what I am.