I Am The Sky

I am the Sky.

Wings slash through me,
tickling my heart,

Leaves swirl in circles inside me,
flipping and flopping,

Tall building rise up like trunks
inside my legs,

I am the Sky.

I have no body,
no heart, no mind.

Concepts are born, from cracked eggs.
They disappear in ashes.

Stories float, leap, fall and dive,
inside the open, empty field that
I am.

So vast,
so beyond,
so burst open!

An idea is like a tiny cloud,
swimming silently, lonely, inside
the first and only One.

Words squiggle their way
through my imaginary bloodstream,

And I watch,
I delight.

I am the Sky,
and I am not.

Even Absolute Freedom
is a wisp of smoke
in what I am.


MysteryGuy said...

I LOVE your new poem Mary. It is so fresh and dynamic. It travels right through me and transforms reality time after time at different angles and different ways when one least expects it. Big respect and admiration. From across the channel, with love

Mary said...

Dear Mystery Guy,
I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you for the kind words, coming from you, it's a great compliment ;-)

Much love,

Suki said...

There is resonance here with the light behind the words.
Peace and Love to you.
- Suki

Mary said...

Thank you, Suki. I appreciate your comment. Peace and love to you, too!