Peace Is the Given

Many of us are seeking a feeling of bliss, peace, oneness, or joy.
We want that feeling to be constant, and when that happens, it means we are enlightened.

But this is not at all the message being pointed to.
THIS is not a feeling at all.
Feelings arise like everything else. They move, change, come and stay for awhile, then move, change, and seemingly disappear.

What we ARE is not a feeling. What we ARE does not come, go, or change.
If we are waiting for a permanent feeling to overtake us, we could be waiting a lifetime.

The "peace that passeth understanding" is not a feeling. It is the way we describe, very poorly with words, the perfume of Beingness. It is how Beingness is described through the filter of a "me" and "mind." It's the closest we can get, using language.

The supreme "okayness" of THIS is not a feeling which comes or goes. It remains, always. Roiling emotions or calm feelings appear on/in the background of pure peace. This deep contentment, allowing, compassion, bliss - whatever word we want to use - is the ground upon which everything appears, from which everything is "made."

What we think we feel is simply Isness is-ing. And we say that Isness feels like peace, but it is beyond feeling, before feeling, before even the concept of "Isness," "peace," or "feeling."

What This is, is a deep, deep okayness, limitless compassion and acceptance, a profound inner "yes" to what is. This is not a feeling. Any feeling can appear in This, and This Peace remains, unaltered. Same with experiences, "spiritual" or otherwise. Words will always fail, but they seem to come forth nonetheless!

Chasing a feeling is an activity that may seem to be happening, and there is nothing wrong with it, but a simple feeling is not really what is being searched for, is it? THIS is much more than that. So subtle that it seems to hide behind dramatic emotions, thoughts and experiences. And it IS those things, as well. But not only.

Every feeling arises in and as This. The peace (okayness) that we are is the given. The feelings that arise are the variables.

We don't "feel" peaceful all the time.
But we ARE the peace beyond the mind's idea, which doesn't come or go.
Always here and now. No matter the feelings or experiences arising.


To The Bone

Something just melted in the story of me.
Like a warm balm, the softness spread
over muscles and bone and fascia,

Whispering, "It's okay, it's okay..."

The mantle of knowing slipping
off shoulders, the sweet relief
of no judgement, no opinion, no idea.

What is good or wrong?
I cannot say, not even for "me,"

And this is the deep solace of emptiness,
Full of tender sigh, deep breath,
grateful tear.

I cannot know,
I cannot know.

And the gratitude explodes silently again...