Nothing Wrong With That

The thought "I want to be awakened," is awakening experiencing itself as a thought "I want to be awakened."

The desire for liberation is liberation being a desire for liberation.

The concept of separation is Oneness expressing as a concept of separation.

Nothing is going to happen in this regard. No awakening is going to happen, because awakening is already the case. Oh sure, there may be thoughts, memories or projections arising now, which are labelled "my awakening, this is how it happened/will happen," but notice that that is just more imagination arising now.....let's just stay in the present tense: Awakening IS. (we can substitute another word that we like better, doesn't change anything)

If "you" are waiting for the "big shift," that is simply "someone waiting for the big shift" arising in what you are! Nothing wrong with that. And there is no worry here that these words might discourage inquiry or "looking," because that seems to happen or it doesn't and no one is here to choose to do it or not.

Looking for the separate person may seem to be done by someone, but seeing is done by no one. Looking arises in seeing. What is "discovered" is that seeing is always "occurring," if we can use that word. But what is really discovered if seeing is always "on?" The idea of awakening or discovery arises perhaps. But right here-now, there is only a memory of an idea of something that changed in the story that arises in the already knowingness of This.. complicated gobbledygook!

It doesn't matter what arises, it's all made of YOU-stuff ! Enlightenment simply IS and it looks like all these memories and thoughts and sensations and cookies and computers. Even the most intimate sense of "I AM" cannot appear without YOU first.

This is it. It's already done and YOU ARE THAT. You ARE freedom itself. You ARE liberation. And there is nothing to worry about because the intelligence that YOU are is simply expressing as "me, looking for something." (Just notice that if "me, looking for something" was really YOU, you wouldn't be able to notice that there was a "me" looking for something!)

So, we might enjoy the ride ....it's Life expressing, it's YOU, loving-to-be, it's the Oneness playing...

Nothing wrong with that. ;-)