Beyond Words

THIS is:




Ahhh... ahhh..



Ah! Yes!





Haha!! Haha!




Uh oh.


Happiness, Schmappiness

Happiness appears in the joy that we already are.
This joy doesn't feel like anything we know, because
it is beyond "feeling."
It welcomes all states,
good, bad, and indifferent.

The rejection of states can arise, too,
in the joy that we are..

Liberation is not a feeling.
Happiness is wonderful, but
it simply appears and disappears like everything else.
Holding on is futile...and ironically, when there is no holding on
happiness might seem to pop in more often..
but no one cares! :-)

Imagine a wide-open heart space
totally accepting, greeting,
meeting whatever arises
with love, compassion,

It's just an image, pointing
however feebly,
to what is beyond pointing.

Behind the idea of what This is,
indeed, the very foundation of
whatever appears,
is the pulsing Isness of Being:
reflecting thoughts and ideas,
allowing words to morph into pointers,
gently holding feelings of happiness, sadness,

Offering Itself, to Itself.

What we are is absolute peace,
absolute love, and
absolute fulfillment.
No state or feeling or idea can define This,
because they are only momentary reflections,
pulsing in the kaleidoscopic, swirling free-fall
that is YOU.

How can happiness compete with that?


Feelings And Blackberry Bushes

Sometimes someone expresses: "I know all this (Advaita stuff) and it's really, really seen clearly that there is no one, and yet, there is still a feeling of being a separate person."

And the response here is: where's the problem? I see no problem in "feeling like a (separate) person." If "feeling like a person" is arising, so be it. Doesn't mean a thing. Doesn't mean that there IS a separate person. Feelings arise, just like everything else, and have no more "truth" in them than the blackberry bush, for example.

We might say that a blackberry bush is Being "blackberry-bushing" and a person is Being "personing"....it's just the loving-to-be dance of THIS. I really can't speak to the feeling of "blackberry-bushing." And as for the feeling of "personing," well, it seems to be a bunch of sensations, thoughts, ideas, etc....which kind of glom together and seem to whip up more thoughts, which kind of coalesce into a "story".... but no, not really! That's already going too far.

Right here and now, there is no "cohesion" of thought, sensation etc. there is just....This....whatever it is...not separate from what IS. Where is the separate person?

A lot of seeking in the non-duality circles seems to be about stopping suffering, which is very understandable. But here again, suffering is also like the blackberry bush....it appears and disappears. Notice that suffering lives in memory only....or projection. It doesn't exist NOW. We might say that suffering can only exist in thought, whereas pain is a sensation. The two don't necessarily have anything to do with one another. Suffering revolves around the "me" story. We've already seen that that "story" doesn't hold up, NOW....so does suffering exist?

Feelings are also just what arises in THIS. So, "feeling" like a separate person (whatever that really means) is just not a problem. It happens (appears)....until it doesn't! But BEING has never moved, never separated, never been other than This...

Don't be fooled by sensations, feelings, thoughts, etc....there simply is no escape from Being! There is only now, now, now, now. The rest is a wonderful, mysterious, captivating story...made of YOU.


Really Fine

If there were one message that I would like people to come away with from reading this blog, I think it would be: "All is well, enlightenment is what you are."

Seeking, efforting, practicing.....or not.....it's all okay.

Feeling frustrated, separate, hopeless
Blissed-out, free and full of love...it's all fine, really.

We are not separate, damaged, lowly beings trying to be worthy...

We don't need to change in order to be "enlightened."

Nothing has to be accomplished, seen or realized....it's all HERE....right now....the seeing IS the alreadyisness of it.

Even so, if self-inquiry happens - perfect!

If meditation arises - great!

What wants to be communicated here is that WHAT IS is just perfectly Itself....appearing as this and that, changing, arising, falling away....it's all just right, as it is.

And you are That....being what is...exactly how it is, here, now...deeply allowing, even as the appearance of non-allowing...

The message here is not to "not do anything." And it's not to "do" anything either. No message has the power to make someone do or not do anything....it may appear that way....but what gets done (or not) is not the "person's" domain.

Doing and not doing, seeking and finding, understanding and confusion....all appear in the already whole Beingness of what you are.

And that's really fine. ;-))


Some say that life is poetry...
but maybe it's deeper,
more raw,
more immediate
than words..

There is a nothingness..
It is changeless
in its changing..
Everything that appears, changes
and everything that appears
is simply made of this nothingness.

So nothing changes. ;-))

There is only changing appearance made of changelessness.

Like the gold statues
appearing in a myriad of forms
can they ever escape "goldness?"
Can they ever be anything but That,
no matter how they appear?

Looking around, a sea of "things"
ever staying THIS

Change is only in appearance,
appearance is change...
But what must BE
for any seeming experience
or appearance
to even be noticed as changing?
what notices what??

Maybe there's just seeing, noticing, experiencing.

What we call Life is literally
made of what you are.
No boundaries, no "other,"
no you/not you
just THIS.

No matter what appears,
even: "I still feel like a separate person/this isn't working/I've lost it/I shouldn't be feeling this/I know better," etc...

It's simply "goldness"
appearing as
a chain...
appearing as "separate-from-This."

But there is no escape from complete
no matter what what what what what !

What IS
is completely
unified - now.


without the possibility
of another..

You are That.