New Year, One Now

nothing repeats itself

everything is new, now

experiencing is ever-fresh, always

this single, unending now of no-time

cannot be repeated
cannot be remembered
cannot be projected

it never finishes
it never started

Beingness is so spontaneously alive
that a thought about it
can only dissolve
in the fertile nothingness

of here-now

the truth is this: there is no truth needed

an expression of Isness is not a knower, after all


nothing else is


Anonymous said...

Thank you dear Mary - this is such precious wisdom for the ending of one year and the entering of another - without moving so much as a hair!
In love and gratitude
~ miriam louisa

Mary said...

The pleasure is mine, Miriam Louisa. Thank you for your comment (and your blog!) and Happy New Year!

Much love,

Ernie said...

Nisargadatta IS a SAINT they said. That story has ended. Movie with no sound; I am uninvolved as the figures move around on the screen. I AM: uninvolved awareness. Stories appear on the screen and then--there is no story. I am not what I think. Movies are the thing that dreams are made of. I AM the screen of awareness and not even that.

Maury Lee said...

Beautiful post Mary! Good comment by Ernie too.

Mary said...

Thank you Maury! And I agree with you about Ernie's comment :-)

So glad you visited!