You Are Always and Already Home

Enlightenment, Liberation, Grace, Awareness...
You are already there. You ARE that, right now.

We want to abide in Awareness,
but that is already the case!
We ARE Awareness, this IS already Awareness.

What is, is the perfect expression of Awareness.
Always now.

"What can I do?" is a common question.
Well, you can do what you are doing ;-)

.....as the perfect expression of Awareness, too.

There is no separate you to abide in what you already are.
It is not Awareness which comes and goes, it's you.
The you that is an idea, appearing sometimes.
That's the real YOU expressing as "separate you,"

....and it's not a problem.
It is Grace Itself!

We are not doomed to forever be trapped in the "me" idea.
WE are not trapped in anything.
When we are deeply focused on a task that we love,
where is the "me?" Where are the myriad problems?
Who is "abiding" anywhere?

There isn't even a body there, until a thought or sensation says there is..
Where is the body most of the day? At night?

When you are at dinner with friends, good food, good wine,
and you laugh out loud at a joke...
In that instant, where is the limitation of "me?"
Where is the suffering, the problem, the separation?

Notice that this idea of "me suffering because I believe I'm separate from Awareness," is a sham.
It is never here now. It's always thought about, an imagined story,
in time. But YOU are beyond the concept of time.

Without time, there is no "me."

But this belief/idea is made of the Ultimate, too.
It cannot appear without YOU being here first and foremost.
It is Awareness expressing, being.

There is no special "person" who knows awareness, whereas "other persons" don't.
These "persons" ARE Awareness, BEING and KNOWING only Itself.
If a person is babbling on about Awareness, it is simply Awareness
babbling on about Itself!

It has nothing to do with the "person" being used to babble :-))

Look at a tree, a mountain, a sunset: do they have some special knowledge of Awareness?
No, they simply ARE Awareness, appearing as tree, mountain, sunset...
Same with people who talk about non-duality.

No one can be anything other than Awareness. Nothing special, because there is
nothing else. There is only, ever, THIS. And everyone/everything is THIS.

Even the person looking for enlightenment, is enlightenment appearing as that.
(And remember that what the "mind" says is happening, isn't really happening - just labels/thoughts with no real substance.)

So, whatever "you" are doing right now, it is the perfect expression of what you are.
If you are moved to inquire, to go to satsang, to study scripture....
then that is perfectly what is.
If you are moved to take a break, have a brownie, give up....
it is perfectly what is.
You cannot make a mistake here, because "you" are not running the show!

What is happening is Grace, appearing as happenings.
And Grace is what you are, always.
And you are always and already Home.
And you are always and already Love.
And you are always and already the deepest Peace there is.
And you already know This, because you ARE This.

And it's all good, all okay.



Julian said...

You have been quiet for a time and then you are not. It is funny how it happens.

What you say becomes clearer and clearer. it does not seem possible that it could be expressed more clearly than last time, and then you do it, and it is like a great generous gulp of fresh air. It is laughter; it is pleasure.

Thank you. I hope things are good for you in Paris. i think I will visit there again next Easter for a couple of days with my wife. xx

Mary said...

Hi Julian,
Thanks for the kind words. Often lately, I've had the idea to write something, but it just doesn't happen.....until it does :-))

Just like life, I guess!

Keep laughing,

Lots of love,