Never Lost

The mind doesn't take us away from Oneness.
We ARE Oneness.
Thoughts appear, "we" seem to be "taken away"
in thought, forgetting This.
But that never happens. We are always here.
Like a twinkling star in the vast, always present sky,
It is thought that seemingly appears and disappears.
An imagined "me" dances in and out of Awareness.

We can never be "out of" This.
We can only always BE This.
Whether thought is noticed or not.

When we think that we've been overtaken by thought,
that we are totally "unconscious," and we act, according
to a belief in "me and other".....notice that that story is
always a memory, appearing now, in THIS, the pure
Being that we are.

If it's only a memory appearing now, where and when
and to whom did this "forgetting" story happen? Where
is this "unconscious person" now? Where is the "me, lost
in thought?"

There is only now. What we are is only now,
the timeless now.

Being is reality, timeless and location-less.
The story of me has to have a partner: time.
But the story IS Being, too. What else could it be?
There is nothing else!

So the story is real, in that it is the perfect
expression of Being (reality), here and now.
If only as an appearing memory thought...

But the story is not real in the way that thought says it is.
The story is made of Being, and cannot appear without Being.
Being simply IS, whether anything appears or not.

This is what we are, always.
We can never, ever be separate from This.
We cannot get back to what is always here.
Being can never be lost, or found.

"Lost in thought" is simply a thought, saying
that it is lost. It is Being, be-ing a thought.
That is all.


No One In Particular said...

BRILLIANT as usual.

Mary said...

Thank you so much, Suzanne! :-)


Ruud said...

Brilliant, I agree...Seeing This is one thing, writing and 'babbling' about it as clear and beautiful as you do quite another. Great stuff, I'm a fan, thank you Mary.

Mary said...

Thank you very much, Ruud, for your kind comments. I checked out your site - amazing!!

Thank you for visiting.


Ernie said...

Mary, I sense no mind here because there is no mind. There is no compass that can measure height or width, or depth...no. A spray of flowers grew like a lush garden and its fragrance lingers for a an eternal moment. Loving-ness is a soft hand on my cheek.

Thank you Mary.

Mary said...

Ernie, what a beautiful description! Thank you for sharing that with us, and for visiting.


Jim Keller said...

Hello Mary...nothing quite fits anymore...nothing makes sense in the usual ways...anymore. I feel like a ball in an arcade game that finally fell into a hole labeled: this moment only. I now glance at non-duality books with disinterest...and yet the world glisens and is so bright and clear and unmistakably sublime. I do give a kind of sat-sang now in Sedona, Az...to share from my heart with some of the scenery. But, for the most part, I delight in doing not much of anything. I am, though, finally and gratefully at peace. Thank you for your loving presence. Jim.

Maury Lee said...

Thought I'd take in some Haiku, so I came here. Wow! Simplicity a la e. e. cummings, but at such a deeper level. Of course there is no deeper, but you know what I mean.

Poetic, charming, and I like the pink flowers background. Matches the softness and gentleness that comes through.

Mary said...

Hi Jim,
Great news! Thank you for sharing that. I am grateful for your readership and participation here :-))

Love to you,

Mary said...

Hi Maury,
Thank you for the kind words, and the poetic comparison - what a huge compliment, thank you! I'm happy to have you as a reader and commenter on the blog.

Much Love,

LauraX said...

wow...now my thoughts that are not are spinning...but still I am here...in the still center of the storm.

Mary said...

Hi Laura,
Thank you for visiting. Glad you are here!


Esther said...

Hi Mary,
I keep meeting you, through Ruud, the anatomy course online and now here :)
Thank you for these words, they touch something inside and inquiry happens as a result, a longing to see and the frustration of "understanding" it, as far as the person can, but not "seeing" it.

Mary said...

Hi Esther,
Yes what a small world it is! I'm so glad that you visited, and thank you for your commment. I really understand about the "trying to understand" activity...it's just how this Love moves...until it doesn't. It's Grace experiencing "trying to understand," and this is perfectly what is...until the next "movement" of This. Seeing is happening... it's just not Esther who is doing it. :-)

Much love,

Ruud said...

Hey Girls,

This is not only One, but small too, apparently:) Great to see you've met each other!


Mary said...

Hi Ruud,
Yes, the One meeting Itself over and over ;-)

Glad you have joined the party!


Anne said...

Thank you!! So soothing. I'm putting this right on my desktop where I can visit it when I think I am somewhere else;)


Mary said...

You are so welcome, Anne. Thank you for your comment!


Ernie said...

HI ANNE! Based on your note, I would offer you a friendly reminder: there is nothing to do. Who is the one who would do anything? Isn’t Life just unfolding continuously and naturally, at every moment? The one doer is doing all already, and you are not separate from that. I find that as soon as the idea of “when I think I am somewhere else” arises, it’s the separate self/doer resurfacing. No big deal. It’s just a thought.

Orion said...

Sending my continued gratitude for the Grace Is Now postings as we head into the New Year!

Mary said...

Thank you Orion! Grateful for your presence here!