Layers of Stories

There may seem to be a story about a person appearing.
The story may seem to be arising now, but it's based on
memory thought or projection.

Right here-now, there is no story. There is a memory thought
of "then," happening now, but what the story is referring to
is not here.

You may see smoke, but until a fire is experienced,
you have no way of knowing of its existence...

One layer of the story might be: "I'm a person, living a life..."

Another layer might be: "I live in this city, I have a family, job, etc.."

Another layer might be: " I have x,y,z problems, I have this kind of personality, etc.."

Another layer might be: "I have some errands to run today, then a night out."

Another layer might be: "Something is missing, I'm lacking something."

Then: "I'm looking for enlightenment."

Then: "There's the sensation of a body in a room, typing."

Then: "Breathing is happening."

Then: "There is only THIS."

Then: "I really don't know what THIS is."

The next layer of the story might be: "I don't know anything."

The next layer of the story might be silence.

Notice that here-now, there is no story. We can say, "I feel a lack, a longing.." but those words do not mean that there is a lack or there is a longing. No thought tells the "truth." No thought can accurately describe what we are.

When we see clouds in the sky, we don't think they "say" something about us. Why do we think that thoughts do? I understand that feelings, sensations and thoughts seem to glom together - but that is experienced just like everything else: without any problem. No thought is believed. There may seem to be "belief" happening, but look closely....layer after layer....it always comes back to THIS, here, now. Where is the belief now? Is this really a belief in a separate person here? Or is it just "what is?"

A thought appears "I need this." It is not believed! There is no one to believe it. This is verifiable right now, and only now. Sure, we can say a belief is happening to no one - but what possible power does that have? More than a blade of grass? A computer screen? A table leg? What we call "belief" is no different.

Nothing has the power to separate from, alter or deny WHAT YOU ARE. If it is assumed that belief is happening, that thoughts are saying something about "you", that is okay....there is nothing wrong with any of it. But it's not happening now. And what the thoughts/stories describe is not true. Everything points only back to THIS.

No one is believing anything. That is just a "story" in "time." When I speak of here-now, I'm referring to timeless Being. Time is a concept that timeless Being can appear as. What we label a "story" or "belief" is another way Isness appears, no more important or true than the appearance of a bicycle tire.

This is the freedom of what we are.

My question is: Is there ever really a story or belief running..... right. here. now. ?

If the answer is no..... then, welcome to what a thought said you were always looking for! :-))


Mike Brown said...

Thanks xxx

Mary said...

Thank you for visiting, Mike xx


Anonymous said...

Mary, this is simply gorgeous and very moving. It's hard to actually allow this to be true, as you say, that "Nothing has the power ro separate from, alter, or deny What you are."

Just a story in time....thanks so much!


Mary said...

It's a pleasure, Tom, I'm so glad you stopped by! Thank you for commenting.


Ernie said...

Whatever you think you are..let go of it. When all you think is extinguished there is emptiness. You are one with all. There is no separation. There is nothing to let go of anything.

Mary said...

Thank you, Ernie.


Bob Seal said...

It's heard loud and clear, Mary. Thx. :))

Mary said...

My pleasure, Bob, thank you for visiting! :-))


Ernie said...

Mary. I love the title to JD Hazlewood's new book: "I am therefore I am." It has a sparse logic that is unaffected and direct. "I am's what I am's", said Popeye. "That's all folks," said Daffy Duck. The truth is all around us pointing to itself.


Julian said...

It seems that something here needs to keep verifying these words. The truth doesn't get any truer, but the story becomes less heavy-layered.


Mary said...

@Ernie: Yes, I think it's cool, too!! :-))

@Julian: Verifying words is another way Being appears...it's all good.


Roy said...

Very nice. I saw your comment on Randall's blog so had to have a look at yours.
Mine is devgrah.blogspot.com or website www.beyondseeking.com

Mary said...

Thank you for visiting, Roy! :-))


No One In Particular said...

Hi Mary, great stuff as usual...are you coming to London anytime soon? Or is that story apparently arising?

Mary said...

Hi Suzanne,
Thanks! Is there a story that I'm coming to London? Cool! It's the first I've heard of it ;-))