What is being pointed to here is so immediate, so fresh, so now...

A thought seems to arise, then dissolves.
There is no evidence of that thought right now.
There may arise another "memory" thought that points back
to the "original" one....but the "original" one is nowhere
to be found...

There is only this very thought arising, ever.
No evidence of any others, at another "time."

And this one now.....where is it - - - now?

So, do thoughts actually arise and fall away??

Or is there simply THIS, here, immediate, fresh and aware?

Whatever seems to be happening is *bang* right now,
not the "story of the now" just passing..

What we are is more immediate, fresh and alive than this moment.
It is the now without not-now, the now without "then," the now beyond
any concepts.

There is just THIS -all of it, fully alive in every way.


amoux said...

Wonderful clarity! Thank you.

Mary said...

Thank you for visiting, amoux! :-)


Jim Keller said...

Yes! Very clear Mary. Blessings...Jim.

Mary said...

Thank you , JIm. Blessings to you, too!


No One In Particular said...

"...THIS, here, immediate, fresh and aware..."

Succinct, and accurate. Not to mention beautifully put, but I'll mention it anyway.

Good to see you writing again, so to speak!

Mary said...

Thank you for your kind comment, Suzanne!


Ernie said...

Mary, you are like a magical fountain where GOD showers JOY AND LOVE AND PEACE.

I've been reading your sight for at least a year and there seems to have occured a break through for lack of a better espression.

Quite lovely and moving are your words. Thanks so much.

Mary said...

Hi Ernie,
Oh my! What a lovely note, thank you for sharing this good news! So glad that something resonated with you :-))

Much love,