Nothing "Other Than" This

Are we waiting for the big "shift?"

Are we waiting for this here-now to change,
to become something different,
to be "better?"

Are we waiting to be liberated,
enlightened, released from suffering?

This here-now can never change.
It can never be better, because
THIS is ever-fresh,
here and now...
but not the "here" of place or
the "now" of time.

The here-now which simply is....This.

Nothing special is going to happen.
There is no one to "become" liberated.

Nothing ever happens, because
that implies a beginning
and an end.
It implies time, which is not.

Being IS.

Nothing and no one sees that.
Seeing doesn't even see "itself" - not as an object.
Seeing sees.
"What" is seen is not an object.
What is seen is simply the "act" of seeing!
(or being, or experiencing, etc.,
choose your favorite word)
What we call subject, object and act
are ONE "is-ing."

In other words,
Being is not being "something."
Being just is, and there is nothing else.

The entire universe,
all imagination, feelings,
sensations, appearances, etc.
are Being, be-ing.

Spontaneous Is-ness.

There is no one to know this or teach it.
Spontaneous words appear like frogs
and rainbows and steel.

Nothing means anything.
Nothing is leading anywhere.

This is IT. Right here, right now.

No exceptions!

There is no one, no where, no place,
no how
that is "other than" THIS,
right here.

No thought, no feeling,
no sensation
can take us anywhere, any way
any how
that is not where we always are,
always fresh..

This is IT.

It's like looking for water
when we are drowning in it.
There is no escape,
no "time" when THIS is not,
no "place" where THIS is not.

"Time" and "place" are concepts
made of THIS! Being is taking the
appearance of "time" and "place,"
"person" and "concept,"
that is all.

Being is kind of like ONE infinite
seamless "block" of experiencing.

Always now
Always here
Always fresh

This is what "we" are.

This is it.
We've never been one millimeter away from
what we longed for.

There appeared a "we."
There appeared "longing."
It was (is) only always THIS.


Anonymous said...

Would you call it 'seeing as seeing?'

Mary said...

Hi Ronald,
That sounds good. My preference is not to call it anything! :-)) Thanks for visiting.


Anonymous said...

C'est bien. I think you have a soul-mate in Lao Tzu. Thank you for writing. I love your blog. :-) Best, /RO/

Mary said...

Oooh, don't I wish ! :-)) Merci Ronald, I'm so glad you enjoy the blog. Thanks for visiting and for your comment.


Julian said...

Thankyou for being. x

Mary said...

Feeling is mutual, Julian! :-)


Jim Keller said...

Hi Mary...These words of yours are so sweet and especially where they are pointing to...always fresh and alive and immediate and filled with the sweetness of God. Thank you for reminding me to relax back into the fresh immediacy of now. Now is such a loving sanctuary...I promise never to leave you again...ha ha. Love, Jim.

Mary said...

Thank you Jim, for the sweet comment. You couldn't leave This if you tried ! :-))

Much love,