Pure Consciousness

Thought is pure Consciousness
which is what I AM

Therefore: I AM confirmed every "time" thought appears.

Sensation is only pure Consciousness,
appearing as sensation,
be-ing sensation.
Pure Consciousness is what I AM

Therefore: I AM confirmed with every sensation.

A feeling is simply pure Consciousness,
taking the shape of "feeling." Being feeling.
Pure Consciousness is what I AM

Therefore: I AM confirmed any "where" there appears a feeling.

Pure Consciousness is all there is.

Nothing can appear without it.
All appearances ARE it.

So, there is no possibility of separation.
No "other."

Furthermore, every"thing" points only to pure Consciousness,
because every"thing" can only BE pure Consciousness.

What I AM is confirmed in everything, in every "time," in every way.

There is no way to "leave" or be "other than" WHAT IS.


Julian said...

Everything confirms I AM.Thanks for the sudden surge of energy. A feast of words. A happy Sunday celebration. I AM, I AM, I AM. xx

Colleen Loehr said...

The all-inclusiveness of the One is dawning on awareness here. Your post echoes what I read from Sailor Bob today: "The thought "I've lost it", or "I've got it" is the totality also: it's how it's appearing. Everything becomes all inclusive...Whether it's seemingly "got" or seemingly "lost", everything that is happening is THAT."

Thank you for your wonderful post Mary- the sense of separation melts when I read your words.

Mary said...

Hi Colleen,
That's right, there is no way around, out, inside or into THIS. Always, always always the case. Bang! Right here-now. :-))

Thank you for sharing.


Harald said...

So lovely, your words,
so innocent, refreshing, nothing
excluding, there is remembering,
thoughts come again, identification,
suffering and then here and now.
Thank you so much.

Mary said...


Thank you for your touching comment. I am so glad that you visited!


Anonymous said...

Sweet Mary - this beautiful post is so clear and concise that it leaves me ... speechless.

Thank you.

I love the way you find words for the unspeakable.

Love always -

miriam louisa

Mary said...

Hi Miriam Louisa,
Thank you for visiting and commenting. I love the place of "speechless" too. :-)

Much love,

Maury Lee said...

Always refreshing to read the simple elegance of your writing. Ah, and yes, the elegance is in That.

Mary said...

Thank you, Maury, nice to "see" you!