There is Nothing Else

Okay, so the following words

will fail spectacularly

to express what has to be here

for them to appear..


The spaciousness that you are reveals itself

to itself...it is never hidden.

What is happening between these lines?

What is here between each word?

If we look with eyes of a belief in "me"

there will always appear "other."

Looking from "no-thing"

reveals no-thing,

appearing as a seamless stream of


the seeming heartbeat of Oneness..

The words appearing here have one purpose,

(if we can call it that)

And that is to reveal, and be,

the Oneness.

Everything that appears simply confirms

over and over

that YOU are.

There is nothing that doesn't prove it,

again and again.

There exists nothing that is not THIS.

Look anywhere, imagine anything, feel something...

and all that, too, points only to YOU.

There is nowhere and no time that doesn't lead

back to this one simple and rock-solid fact:

There is only THIS. You are THIS.

You were never anything else, because there IS

nothing else.

All doubts, suffering and feelings of separateness

simply confirm, over and over,

that Experiencing IS,

because they are not "other than."

There is no such thing.

The smokescreen of the separate individual

has been blown forever, for

here I AM, again...

and again...

and now....and now.... and now...

BE what you are:

Pure seeing,

pure experiencing..

And if the idea of a "person" appears - delight!

There YOU are again, loving-to-be

whatever shows up.

This is pure Freedom.

Not "from" anything,

but AS everything, anything,

and nothing.

Even the freedom to be (seemingly) bound..

True freedom includes bondage.

A "person" sees other "people."

Consciousness sees only Consciousness.

Love can only be Love.

Being is object-less, there is nothing else.


MeANderi said...

As always your words are so clear and clean - getting to the Heart of it all - resonating so deeply - Being to Being... Thank you for this lovely expression of Consciousness revealing Consciousness to Itself! I always enjoy reading YOU... :) Christine

No One In Particular said...

Hi Mary, love the pointing - and in the pointing, not pooh-pooh-ing "known reality" ("Experiencing IS"). This is it. Not devoid of thought, not with parameters or disclaimers or caveats. Just this. You say it well.

Mary said...

Hi Christine,
Thank you so much for the lovely words and for visiting!! :-))


Mary said...

Thank you, Suzanne, for your comment. So glad you visited :-) Yes, I love the fact that THIS is inescapable!!


Svante Odmark said...

Oh, yes, that THIS is inescapable - what an inevitable freedom there is in that simple, rock-solid fact! And what a beautiful, clear post, Mary! Love is inescapable.

Mary said...

Thank you Svante, I'm glad you visited! :-))

Inescapable Love,

Julian said...

You keep helping us to see the simplicity of the pure life and presence before us. It is like breathing the purest air, to read your words. thank you Mary.

Mary said...

Thank YOU, Julian, for welcoming the words, for breathing them in...and then giving back..


Maury Lee said...

Raw, clear, simple, open pointing, without condemning anything. So easy. Essence Itself.

Mary said...

Thank you for your comment, Maury :-))

Glad you visited!


Julian said...

PS* I spent the most astonishing few days in Paris last week. The skies were clear blue and the city shone like shook foil. So much life everywhere.

Mary said...

Wow, I would have loved to meet you, Julian!

Yes, it was a beautiful week.. :-))


Julian said...

I'm sorry. I thought about looking you up, but I know a lot of writers like to maintain their anonimity. Perhaps when I visit again, I will.

Mary said...

And readers might also like their anonymity :-)) It's all good....la prochaine fois, peut-ĂȘtre.


Ash said...

lovely Mary, beautiful!
IN JOY! :))

Mary said...

Thank you Ash, love to you! :-))

GodsdoG said...

pretty words :)

what a discovery this blog!!!!

Mary said...

Thank you for visiting and for your kind comments GodsdoG ! ;-)