Only Being

There is no identity anywhere.
Not here, in "this one,"
not over there, in "that one."

There is no identity.
Just Isness, Oneness, Being..

It's all been a house of cards,
the play of Oneness,
but nobody believed it.

No one is here, no one
was ever here..
This is not a thought.

Where is identity? Where is identification?
Can't see it anywhere..
Just the shifting, unmoving

Do thoughts seem to glom together
to hold up an illusion? - it can never work!
It doesn't work.

If identity can't be seen now,
was it ever here?

Nothing to hold on to.
Without the dream of
what sense does "holding on" make?

Only Being - identityless.


A Poem:

No Preference

Beingness has no preference for a state of bliss.
What you are does not come and go.
What you are sees coming and going
as nothing other than its own fragrance..

What is, even before "I AM?"

Does it have any qualities,
like peace or love?

What is the zero point in which the I AM arises?

Is there any description possible?

No concept can survive here.
Perhaps the imagined mind is afraid
of nothingness.
And yet nothingness seems to be a powerful magnet..

How ironic
that THIS, which has no wants, desires or preferences,
often arises as a compelling, magnetic pull
toward Itself.

THIS doesn't come and go.
Even the zero point is not a point at all,
it's beyond a beginning or end.
YOU don't end.
YOU never began.
The concepts of beginning and ending arise in YOU.

There is no doubt about it.
Doubt is a phantom idea that floats
around, a kind of entertainment..
In reality, doubt does not exist (as we define it).

It is true that everything that arises is THIS,
therefore everything that arises is real, in the sense
that it is simple made of Isness...

But what arises is not what "a mind" thinks it is.
The seeming separate person tries to assign meaning to what appears,
but YOU are beyond meaning.
A state of bliss is no more or no less THIS than
eating a hamburger.
Whatever arises here, now,
is the preference.
There is no one to seek one state or another.

YOU have no need for a state to confirm what you already are.
YOU ARE, no matter what arises,
and whatever arises
is all right with YOU.

True freedom is what the concept of freedom
arises and dissolves in.

Right here.
Right now.