Being Me

When there is no searching for happiness,
When there is no preference for pleasure
or pain

When whatever shows up is
unjudged as good or not good

When desire for something else
is seen as utterly impossible

What is left?
What is here?
What is this?

Pure, spacious silence

Alive, and nothing
Awake and shining

There is nothing "more"
to be wanted
by no one

For there is no wanting
without the idea of "me"

Me=Desire=Search for "more/better"

But there is no more or better
There is only this infinite
amazing presence,
Being what is,
Complete satisfaction

So much more intimate,
than what a "me" seems to dream

The precious "me" is not
the enemy
But it cannot know anything
or find anything
It is simply Being, being a "me"

Unless it isn't

Perhaps for the pleasure of
meeting Itself anew

Or maybe Being just has a sense of humor :-))


No One In Particular said...

I never used to be enough. Now it's almost too much!

Take all time references with a grain of salt, of course. That story in time that still seems to be there...it rocks!

Julian said...

Some dreams are so good that you want to go back into them. I feel I used to resist that but feel I can let it happen more now because I understand that this is just the self enjoying itself. As it dawns on something here that 'I am not that'all dreams seem permissable - it can all happen without fear that the sacred and divine, space that I AM can be lost. Something relaxs here while the 'me' continues to dream good, bad and rotten things, and the teras of gladness and loss continue to fall.

Mary said...

Hi Suzanne,
Rock on, Sister! :-))

Hi Julian,
And aren't those tears sweet, either for gladness or sadness? Thanks for commenting.