Happiness, Schmappiness

Happiness appears in the joy that we already are.
This joy doesn't feel like anything we know, because
it is beyond "feeling."
It welcomes all states,
good, bad, and indifferent.

The rejection of states can arise, too,
in the joy that we are..

Liberation is not a feeling.
Happiness is wonderful, but
it simply appears and disappears like everything else.
Holding on is futile...and ironically, when there is no holding on
happiness might seem to pop in more often..
but no one cares! :-)

Imagine a wide-open heart space
totally accepting, greeting,
meeting whatever arises
with love, compassion,

It's just an image, pointing
however feebly,
to what is beyond pointing.

Behind the idea of what This is,
indeed, the very foundation of
whatever appears,
is the pulsing Isness of Being:
reflecting thoughts and ideas,
allowing words to morph into pointers,
gently holding feelings of happiness, sadness,

Offering Itself, to Itself.

What we are is absolute peace,
absolute love, and
absolute fulfillment.
No state or feeling or idea can define This,
because they are only momentary reflections,
pulsing in the kaleidoscopic, swirling free-fall
that is YOU.

How can happiness compete with that?


No One In Particular said...

Extemely well-put, not that it's possible to describe - for the mind simply comes up in what is, and can't define what is, it can only be what is.

Lots of writers about this stuff at the moment are using pointers along the lines of "the natural state is love". "Love" is a concept too, but if that's the seemingly most appropriate label...what a relief.

Love, Suzanne

Mary said...

Thanks Suzanne, yes, love is certainly a loaded concept...and no one knows what it is! Maybe the fact that it can't be known is what makes it sometimes appropriate as a label... Or more likely it just has a "flavor" that resonates here...its "unconditionalness."

Fun with concepts! :-))


Julian said...

The heart space, the open hands, the space outside, the space inside, the stage upon which things happen and audiences laugh or cry or hold their breath in amazement. Breathe in sadness, breathe out happiness; breathe in happiness, breathe out sadness, and where does all this take place - in the consciousness that is no-one's?

Your lovely words without fail help my breathing to become more even.

Love Julianx

Mary said...

"Your lovely words without fail help my breathing to become more even."

That's a feat in itself! I'm glad. Just to breathe is such a gift, isn't it? Everything seems to be a gift these days...and definitely your sharing is a gift. Thank you.


Julian said...

What a joy to know that happiness arises in you.x