Some say that life is poetry...
but maybe it's deeper,
more raw,
more immediate
than words..

There is a nothingness..
It is changeless
in its changing..
Everything that appears, changes
and everything that appears
is simply made of this nothingness.

So nothing changes. ;-))

There is only changing appearance made of changelessness.

Like the gold statues
appearing in a myriad of forms
can they ever escape "goldness?"
Can they ever be anything but That,
no matter how they appear?

Looking around, a sea of "things"
ever staying THIS

Change is only in appearance,
appearance is change...
But what must BE
for any seeming experience
or appearance
to even be noticed as changing?
what notices what??

Maybe there's just seeing, noticing, experiencing.

What we call Life is literally
made of what you are.
No boundaries, no "other,"
no you/not you
just THIS.

No matter what appears,
even: "I still feel like a separate person/this isn't working/I've lost it/I shouldn't be feeling this/I know better," etc...

It's simply "goldness"
appearing as
a chain...
appearing as "separate-from-This."

But there is no escape from complete
no matter what what what what what !

What IS
is completely
unified - now.


without the possibility
of another..

You are That.

1 comment:

Julian said...

Goldness appearing as a chain...or as a serpant. Lovely to touch in any form. x