New Year, One Now

nothing repeats itself

everything is new, now

experiencing is ever-fresh, always

this single, unending now of no-time

cannot be repeated
cannot be remembered
cannot be projected

it never finishes
it never started

Beingness is so spontaneously alive
that a thought about it
can only dissolve
in the fertile nothingness

of here-now

the truth is this: there is no truth needed

an expression of Isness is not a knower, after all


nothing else is


Never Lost

The mind doesn't take us away from Oneness.
We ARE Oneness.
Thoughts appear, "we" seem to be "taken away"
in thought, forgetting This.
But that never happens. We are always here.
Like a twinkling star in the vast, always present sky,
It is thought that seemingly appears and disappears.
An imagined "me" dances in and out of Awareness.

We can never be "out of" This.
We can only always BE This.
Whether thought is noticed or not.

When we think that we've been overtaken by thought,
that we are totally "unconscious," and we act, according
to a belief in "me and other".....notice that that story is
always a memory, appearing now, in THIS, the pure
Being that we are.

If it's only a memory appearing now, where and when
and to whom did this "forgetting" story happen? Where
is this "unconscious person" now? Where is the "me, lost
in thought?"

There is only now. What we are is only now,
the timeless now.

Being is reality, timeless and location-less.
The story of me has to have a partner: time.
But the story IS Being, too. What else could it be?
There is nothing else!

So the story is real, in that it is the perfect
expression of Being (reality), here and now.
If only as an appearing memory thought...

But the story is not real in the way that thought says it is.
The story is made of Being, and cannot appear without Being.
Being simply IS, whether anything appears or not.

This is what we are, always.
We can never, ever be separate from This.
We cannot get back to what is always here.
Being can never be lost, or found.

"Lost in thought" is simply a thought, saying
that it is lost. It is Being, be-ing a thought.
That is all.


You Are Always and Already Home

Enlightenment, Liberation, Grace, Awareness...
You are already there. You ARE that, right now.

We want to abide in Awareness,
but that is already the case!
We ARE Awareness, this IS already Awareness.

What is, is the perfect expression of Awareness.
Always now.

"What can I do?" is a common question.
Well, you can do what you are doing ;-)

.....as the perfect expression of Awareness, too.

There is no separate you to abide in what you already are.
It is not Awareness which comes and goes, it's you.
The you that is an idea, appearing sometimes.
That's the real YOU expressing as "separate you,"

....and it's not a problem.
It is Grace Itself!

We are not doomed to forever be trapped in the "me" idea.
WE are not trapped in anything.
When we are deeply focused on a task that we love,
where is the "me?" Where are the myriad problems?
Who is "abiding" anywhere?

There isn't even a body there, until a thought or sensation says there is..
Where is the body most of the day? At night?

When you are at dinner with friends, good food, good wine,
and you laugh out loud at a joke...
In that instant, where is the limitation of "me?"
Where is the suffering, the problem, the separation?

Notice that this idea of "me suffering because I believe I'm separate from Awareness," is a sham.
It is never here now. It's always thought about, an imagined story,
in time. But YOU are beyond the concept of time.

Without time, there is no "me."

But this belief/idea is made of the Ultimate, too.
It cannot appear without YOU being here first and foremost.
It is Awareness expressing, being.

There is no special "person" who knows awareness, whereas "other persons" don't.
These "persons" ARE Awareness, BEING and KNOWING only Itself.
If a person is babbling on about Awareness, it is simply Awareness
babbling on about Itself!

It has nothing to do with the "person" being used to babble :-))

Look at a tree, a mountain, a sunset: do they have some special knowledge of Awareness?
No, they simply ARE Awareness, appearing as tree, mountain, sunset...
Same with people who talk about non-duality.

No one can be anything other than Awareness. Nothing special, because there is
nothing else. There is only, ever, THIS. And everyone/everything is THIS.

Even the person looking for enlightenment, is enlightenment appearing as that.
(And remember that what the "mind" says is happening, isn't really happening - just labels/thoughts with no real substance.)

So, whatever "you" are doing right now, it is the perfect expression of what you are.
If you are moved to inquire, to go to satsang, to study scripture....
then that is perfectly what is.
If you are moved to take a break, have a brownie, give up....
it is perfectly what is.
You cannot make a mistake here, because "you" are not running the show!

What is happening is Grace, appearing as happenings.
And Grace is what you are, always.
And you are always and already Home.
And you are always and already Love.
And you are always and already the deepest Peace there is.
And you already know This, because you ARE This.

And it's all good, all okay.



Layers of Stories

There may seem to be a story about a person appearing.
The story may seem to be arising now, but it's based on
memory thought or projection.

Right here-now, there is no story. There is a memory thought
of "then," happening now, but what the story is referring to
is not here.

You may see smoke, but until a fire is experienced,
you have no way of knowing of its existence...

One layer of the story might be: "I'm a person, living a life..."

Another layer might be: "I live in this city, I have a family, job, etc.."

Another layer might be: " I have x,y,z problems, I have this kind of personality, etc.."

Another layer might be: "I have some errands to run today, then a night out."

Another layer might be: "Something is missing, I'm lacking something."

Then: "I'm looking for enlightenment."

Then: "There's the sensation of a body in a room, typing."

Then: "Breathing is happening."

Then: "There is only THIS."

Then: "I really don't know what THIS is."

The next layer of the story might be: "I don't know anything."

The next layer of the story might be silence.

Notice that here-now, there is no story. We can say, "I feel a lack, a longing.." but those words do not mean that there is a lack or there is a longing. No thought tells the "truth." No thought can accurately describe what we are.

When we see clouds in the sky, we don't think they "say" something about us. Why do we think that thoughts do? I understand that feelings, sensations and thoughts seem to glom together - but that is experienced just like everything else: without any problem. No thought is believed. There may seem to be "belief" happening, but look closely....layer after layer....it always comes back to THIS, here, now. Where is the belief now? Is this really a belief in a separate person here? Or is it just "what is?"

A thought appears "I need this." It is not believed! There is no one to believe it. This is verifiable right now, and only now. Sure, we can say a belief is happening to no one - but what possible power does that have? More than a blade of grass? A computer screen? A table leg? What we call "belief" is no different.

Nothing has the power to separate from, alter or deny WHAT YOU ARE. If it is assumed that belief is happening, that thoughts are saying something about "you", that is okay....there is nothing wrong with any of it. But it's not happening now. And what the thoughts/stories describe is not true. Everything points only back to THIS.

No one is believing anything. That is just a "story" in "time." When I speak of here-now, I'm referring to timeless Being. Time is a concept that timeless Being can appear as. What we label a "story" or "belief" is another way Isness appears, no more important or true than the appearance of a bicycle tire.

This is the freedom of what we are.

My question is: Is there ever really a story or belief running..... right. here. now. ?

If the answer is no..... then, welcome to what a thought said you were always looking for! :-))



What is being pointed to here is so immediate, so fresh, so now...

A thought seems to arise, then dissolves.
There is no evidence of that thought right now.
There may arise another "memory" thought that points back
to the "original" one....but the "original" one is nowhere
to be found...

There is only this very thought arising, ever.
No evidence of any others, at another "time."

And this one now.....where is it - - - now?

So, do thoughts actually arise and fall away??

Or is there simply THIS, here, immediate, fresh and aware?

Whatever seems to be happening is *bang* right now,
not the "story of the now" just passing..

What we are is more immediate, fresh and alive than this moment.
It is the now without not-now, the now without "then," the now beyond
any concepts.

There is just THIS -all of it, fully alive in every way.



be willing to lose
what you think is yours

belongs to you

if you let yourself go
you won't be saved

but you won't mind
you will smile

it is the breeze
blowing a tablecloth,

edges undulating,
coolness brushing
bare legs, tops of feet

no harm
no message
no truth in it

how soft is
the reality

how sweet is
the misunderstanding

that never was




Pure Consciousness

Thought is pure Consciousness
which is what I AM

Therefore: I AM confirmed every "time" thought appears.

Sensation is only pure Consciousness,
appearing as sensation,
be-ing sensation.
Pure Consciousness is what I AM

Therefore: I AM confirmed with every sensation.

A feeling is simply pure Consciousness,
taking the shape of "feeling." Being feeling.
Pure Consciousness is what I AM

Therefore: I AM confirmed any "where" there appears a feeling.

Pure Consciousness is all there is.

Nothing can appear without it.
All appearances ARE it.

So, there is no possibility of separation.
No "other."

Furthermore, every"thing" points only to pure Consciousness,
because every"thing" can only BE pure Consciousness.

What I AM is confirmed in everything, in every "time," in every way.

There is no way to "leave" or be "other than" WHAT IS.

Nothing "Other Than" This

Are we waiting for the big "shift?"

Are we waiting for this here-now to change,
to become something different,
to be "better?"

Are we waiting to be liberated,
enlightened, released from suffering?

This here-now can never change.
It can never be better, because
THIS is ever-fresh,
here and now...
but not the "here" of place or
the "now" of time.

The here-now which simply is....This.

Nothing special is going to happen.
There is no one to "become" liberated.

Nothing ever happens, because
that implies a beginning
and an end.
It implies time, which is not.

Being IS.

Nothing and no one sees that.
Seeing doesn't even see "itself" - not as an object.
Seeing sees.
"What" is seen is not an object.
What is seen is simply the "act" of seeing!
(or being, or experiencing, etc.,
choose your favorite word)
What we call subject, object and act
are ONE "is-ing."

In other words,
Being is not being "something."
Being just is, and there is nothing else.

The entire universe,
all imagination, feelings,
sensations, appearances, etc.
are Being, be-ing.

Spontaneous Is-ness.

There is no one to know this or teach it.
Spontaneous words appear like frogs
and rainbows and steel.

Nothing means anything.
Nothing is leading anywhere.

This is IT. Right here, right now.

No exceptions!

There is no one, no where, no place,
no how
that is "other than" THIS,
right here.

No thought, no feeling,
no sensation
can take us anywhere, any way
any how
that is not where we always are,
always fresh..

This is IT.

It's like looking for water
when we are drowning in it.
There is no escape,
no "time" when THIS is not,
no "place" where THIS is not.

"Time" and "place" are concepts
made of THIS! Being is taking the
appearance of "time" and "place,"
"person" and "concept,"
that is all.

Being is kind of like ONE infinite
seamless "block" of experiencing.

Always now
Always here
Always fresh

This is what "we" are.

This is it.
We've never been one millimeter away from
what we longed for.

There appeared a "we."
There appeared "longing."
It was (is) only always THIS.


There is Nothing Else

Okay, so the following words

will fail spectacularly

to express what has to be here

for them to appear..


The spaciousness that you are reveals itself

to itself...it is never hidden.

What is happening between these lines?

What is here between each word?

If we look with eyes of a belief in "me"

there will always appear "other."

Looking from "no-thing"

reveals no-thing,

appearing as a seamless stream of


the seeming heartbeat of Oneness..

The words appearing here have one purpose,

(if we can call it that)

And that is to reveal, and be,

the Oneness.

Everything that appears simply confirms

over and over

that YOU are.

There is nothing that doesn't prove it,

again and again.

There exists nothing that is not THIS.

Look anywhere, imagine anything, feel something...

and all that, too, points only to YOU.

There is nowhere and no time that doesn't lead

back to this one simple and rock-solid fact:

There is only THIS. You are THIS.

You were never anything else, because there IS

nothing else.

All doubts, suffering and feelings of separateness

simply confirm, over and over,

that Experiencing IS,

because they are not "other than."

There is no such thing.

The smokescreen of the separate individual

has been blown forever, for

here I AM, again...

and again...

and now....and now.... and now...

BE what you are:

Pure seeing,

pure experiencing..

And if the idea of a "person" appears - delight!

There YOU are again, loving-to-be

whatever shows up.

This is pure Freedom.

Not "from" anything,

but AS everything, anything,

and nothing.

Even the freedom to be (seemingly) bound..

True freedom includes bondage.

A "person" sees other "people."

Consciousness sees only Consciousness.

Love can only be Love.

Being is object-less, there is nothing else.


Only Being

There is no identity anywhere.
Not here, in "this one,"
not over there, in "that one."

There is no identity.
Just Isness, Oneness, Being..

It's all been a house of cards,
the play of Oneness,
but nobody believed it.

No one is here, no one
was ever here..
This is not a thought.

Where is identity? Where is identification?
Can't see it anywhere..
Just the shifting, unmoving

Do thoughts seem to glom together
to hold up an illusion? - it can never work!
It doesn't work.

If identity can't be seen now,
was it ever here?

Nothing to hold on to.
Without the dream of
what sense does "holding on" make?

Only Being - identityless.


A Poem:

No Preference

Beingness has no preference for a state of bliss.
What you are does not come and go.
What you are sees coming and going
as nothing other than its own fragrance..

What is, even before "I AM?"

Does it have any qualities,
like peace or love?

What is the zero point in which the I AM arises?

Is there any description possible?

No concept can survive here.
Perhaps the imagined mind is afraid
of nothingness.
And yet nothingness seems to be a powerful magnet..

How ironic
that THIS, which has no wants, desires or preferences,
often arises as a compelling, magnetic pull
toward Itself.

THIS doesn't come and go.
Even the zero point is not a point at all,
it's beyond a beginning or end.
YOU don't end.
YOU never began.
The concepts of beginning and ending arise in YOU.

There is no doubt about it.
Doubt is a phantom idea that floats
around, a kind of entertainment..
In reality, doubt does not exist (as we define it).

It is true that everything that arises is THIS,
therefore everything that arises is real, in the sense
that it is simple made of Isness...

But what arises is not what "a mind" thinks it is.
The seeming separate person tries to assign meaning to what appears,
but YOU are beyond meaning.
A state of bliss is no more or no less THIS than
eating a hamburger.
Whatever arises here, now,
is the preference.
There is no one to seek one state or another.

YOU have no need for a state to confirm what you already are.
YOU ARE, no matter what arises,
and whatever arises
is all right with YOU.

True freedom is what the concept of freedom
arises and dissolves in.

Right here.
Right now.



Paying rent
loving someone
Biting into the apple

Thinking, planning
Worrying, hoping


Meditation, satsang
yoga, prayer
Mantras and chants

Signing the check
going bankrupt
Seeing spirits
and disappearing in

holds it all,
welcomes it all,
sees it all,
IS it all?

spacious presence
is humming,
not moving at all,
yet being movement
or stillness?

watches the questions,
whose answers
are one?

is this complete freedom,

is beyond a happening
beyond a doing
beyond Being
beyond words
beyond thought
beyond concepts
beyond birth
and yet,
includes them all?

This "What"
is before the beginning
of no end

This "What"
is the origin
of nothing

This "What"
is the answer
to the absence
of questions

This "What"
is not a
yet there is
nothing else here

Everything collapses into THIS
springs from THIS

Ever fresh,
this herenow
is the first and only


Nothing Can Hurt You

innocent beliefs
have never hurt you

they served their purpose
and were summarily dropped
exactly now

they may be visiting again

no worries

there may be bruising
but no scars

there may be raindrops
but no storm damage



let the waters flow
let the knots get tighter

if they must

this is not a problem
this is not a danger

there is nothing more powerful
more all encompassing
all seeing
all knowing
more compassionate or
exploding in love

than you

ever present
always here
always now

all ways

nothing but you

nothing but you


Being Me

When there is no searching for happiness,
When there is no preference for pleasure
or pain

When whatever shows up is
unjudged as good or not good

When desire for something else
is seen as utterly impossible

What is left?
What is here?
What is this?

Pure, spacious silence

Alive, and nothing
Awake and shining

There is nothing "more"
to be wanted
by no one

For there is no wanting
without the idea of "me"

Me=Desire=Search for "more/better"

But there is no more or better
There is only this infinite
amazing presence,
Being what is,
Complete satisfaction

So much more intimate,
than what a "me" seems to dream

The precious "me" is not
the enemy
But it cannot know anything
or find anything
It is simply Being, being a "me"

Unless it isn't

Perhaps for the pleasure of
meeting Itself anew

Or maybe Being just has a sense of humor :-))


Star Stuff

Hello friends,
Been wanting to connect, but no writing is coming through....Decided to connect by sharing something that I just love, in case you haven't seen it yet. (Bit of a science geek, here :-))


(from symphonyofscience.com)


Nothing Wrong With That

The thought "I want to be awakened," is awakening experiencing itself as a thought "I want to be awakened."

The desire for liberation is liberation being a desire for liberation.

The concept of separation is Oneness expressing as a concept of separation.

Nothing is going to happen in this regard. No awakening is going to happen, because awakening is already the case. Oh sure, there may be thoughts, memories or projections arising now, which are labelled "my awakening, this is how it happened/will happen," but notice that that is just more imagination arising now.....let's just stay in the present tense: Awakening IS. (we can substitute another word that we like better, doesn't change anything)

If "you" are waiting for the "big shift," that is simply "someone waiting for the big shift" arising in what you are! Nothing wrong with that. And there is no worry here that these words might discourage inquiry or "looking," because that seems to happen or it doesn't and no one is here to choose to do it or not.

Looking for the separate person may seem to be done by someone, but seeing is done by no one. Looking arises in seeing. What is "discovered" is that seeing is always "occurring," if we can use that word. But what is really discovered if seeing is always "on?" The idea of awakening or discovery arises perhaps. But right here-now, there is only a memory of an idea of something that changed in the story that arises in the already knowingness of This.. complicated gobbledygook!

It doesn't matter what arises, it's all made of YOU-stuff ! Enlightenment simply IS and it looks like all these memories and thoughts and sensations and cookies and computers. Even the most intimate sense of "I AM" cannot appear without YOU first.

This is it. It's already done and YOU ARE THAT. You ARE freedom itself. You ARE liberation. And there is nothing to worry about because the intelligence that YOU are is simply expressing as "me, looking for something." (Just notice that if "me, looking for something" was really YOU, you wouldn't be able to notice that there was a "me" looking for something!)

So, we might enjoy the ride ....it's Life expressing, it's YOU, loving-to-be, it's the Oneness playing...

Nothing wrong with that. ;-)


Beyond Words

THIS is:




Ahhh... ahhh..



Ah! Yes!





Haha!! Haha!




Uh oh.


Happiness, Schmappiness

Happiness appears in the joy that we already are.
This joy doesn't feel like anything we know, because
it is beyond "feeling."
It welcomes all states,
good, bad, and indifferent.

The rejection of states can arise, too,
in the joy that we are..

Liberation is not a feeling.
Happiness is wonderful, but
it simply appears and disappears like everything else.
Holding on is futile...and ironically, when there is no holding on
happiness might seem to pop in more often..
but no one cares! :-)

Imagine a wide-open heart space
totally accepting, greeting,
meeting whatever arises
with love, compassion,

It's just an image, pointing
however feebly,
to what is beyond pointing.

Behind the idea of what This is,
indeed, the very foundation of
whatever appears,
is the pulsing Isness of Being:
reflecting thoughts and ideas,
allowing words to morph into pointers,
gently holding feelings of happiness, sadness,

Offering Itself, to Itself.

What we are is absolute peace,
absolute love, and
absolute fulfillment.
No state or feeling or idea can define This,
because they are only momentary reflections,
pulsing in the kaleidoscopic, swirling free-fall
that is YOU.

How can happiness compete with that?