"Ain't No Mountain High Enough.."

No need to climb Arunachala,
Or sit in meditation for hours a day..

No need for advanced asanas, kriyas and the mind-blowing kundalini rising..

No need for spiritual purification at all.

Nothing causes "enlightenment." There is no magic action that will "make it happen," because it is simply already the case, right here, right now.

Liberation IS. It IS, right now. And "everyone" is That.

Now, I know that there are many lovely stories of sages and gurus on mountains and "ordinary" spiritual seekers "getting it" using self-inquiry, and all the wonderful experiences I mentioned above. It's fantastic and amazing!

But none of it "causes" anything...

What you are, what I am....is simply This, right here...whatever that is. How to even describe it? Impossible and yet the stories keep comin'...

It's all so okay and lovely and crazy-making and sometimes frustratingly hopeless. What to do? There is nothing to do but be.

Notice that that is all that is ever happening. I say, "notice," but "you" can't even do that! Noticing happens....sometimes, it seems...but SEEING....hmmm, that is always happening...if we can even call it a "happening."

Sometimes language shines a bright light, and sometimes it just confuses...what to do? Listening, reading seem to happen...maybe even resonance..it's all part of the mystery play..there is no way to know what will appear next.

And yet, the stories are enjoyed, really participated in. Tears fall, anger erupts, joy and peace always present, sometimes as an undercurrent, sometimes expressed in the play... It's all so...WHAT IS....and there is something sweet about that, no matter what appears to be happening, no matter if something unpleasant seems to be happening.

If you are moved to climb that famous mountain or visit with that wonderful "teacher," - that's fantastic! It's exactly what IS at that moment. It may even seem to lead somewhere - wonderful - go for it! (as if you had a choice ;-))

Have no expectations, enjoy the experience of seeking, if that is what is happening...and then, perhaps, enjoy the experience of not seeking anymore....and see how the climbing of that mountain might still happen, in the pure joy of being, with no one doing it..

Nothing brings you to YOU, except in the story. In reality you can only be, utterly, wholly, always THIS.