Let Them Be Like Flowers

Let thoughts be, like flowers..

Let them come and go, let them arise as they do,
and subside as they inevitably do...

They are no more important than a cloud, or a curtain or an ant, or a blade of grass. We don't attach to clouds, we don't say, "Oh my god, how can that cloud be like that!?" We don't believe that clouds are dictating what happens and creating "our reality" (well, some of us might!).

Thoughts can be quite useful, but notice how much importance and belief goes into them, resulting in elaborate stories about "me."

Notice, too, that when action is called for, it happens, with or without thought, before or after thought. We don't have to remember and grasp at thoughts....just let them be, like the blade of grass.

They really are no more and no less important than anything else that appears...Notice how you ARE regardless of what thoughts are passing through...Notice how thought sometimes corresponds to action and sometimes not at all.

Notice that when thoughts aren't believed, they still arise! Notice how they don't evoke feelings....or maybe they seem to do just that, it doesn't matter at all: thoughts arise, feelings arise, clouds appear....nothing touches the clarity and open spaciousness of what YOU ARE.

And yet, everything that appears is none other than what YOU ARE....so, no reason to fight or judge or believe....just Being, that's all there is and it doesn't need to believe or not believe in thoughts, or anything else..

And if belief in thought happens, no worries! See right now that that also arises in YOU.

Next time (which can only be now) a thought believed in causes suffering...see that a belief is happening but it's not who you are...it's happening in YOU as YOU. There simply is no problem, it does not change the reality of what YOU ARE.

How sweet it all is. Thought or no thought....just let them be, like flowers. Whatever arises is exactly what needs to appear - now.


Julian said...

You are like a flower Mary, beatifying, I mean beautifying the earth. It is grace that arises in your words, such gentle little clowds adorning the sky. To read is to meet truth but also to experience blessing.

Thankyou for this sudden burst of energy.


Mary said...

Your words are so sweet and poetic...all I can say is, "it takes one to know one!" :-))

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

beautiful words Mary, thank you