Raindrop, Sunshine

Look up
at that leaf, how it sways
in the wind

The leaf flutters, until
it stops
It can be no other way

Look up
at the sun
how it warms and blinds

The sun doesn't love you,
and it doesn't not love you
It simply is,

Raindrops fall and they
can do nothing else but
make you wet

Storms arise and destroy
what you love, but
storms are not wrong, they
simply are what they are, their
nature is to be stormy ! - not soft,
like a rose petal

Look at the people around you
Are some stormy
and some soft, too?

Their nature is what it is, now,
"they" have no more choice than
the perfume emanating
from the rose petal, or
the destructive stormy skies

All must appear as it does

And of course, "soft" and
"destructive" tell us
nothing about nothing

Look in the mirror
The you that appears
is a fluttering leaf

Sometimes the leaf is
blown off the branch,
total free-fall

All is appearing, perfectly
being nothing


The raindrop is not separate from
the Absolute, nor
the Absolute from the raindrop

Who could possibly want
the raindrop to be


Svante Odmark said...

Oh, such unimaginable beauty that everything is as it is! Raindrop and sun, storm and stillness. Thanks for posting this, Mary, just as it is!

Mary said...

Thank you for reading, Svante, and for your kind words! ;-))


RB said...

Hhhmmm, yes. As I read I thought, "Tastes like honey, only sweeter." Very nice Mary.