Perfect Satisfaction

Unable to make a simple wish,
Unable to pray for..
Unable to want what isn't,
Unable to desire..

This is not a loss.

What could possibly be wanted, that isn't already here, now?
What could be better than, or even different from, This?
Isn't there endless change in the changeless, anyway?
Can there be anything other than what is, here, now?

Perfect satisfaction is what I AM.

Perfectly Being...
what is.

No one to want something else.


Peter said...

Hello Mary,

have been out in the desert, and it is so good to come back to the well, and be refreshed by such an exquisite draught of pure water....thanks!

Mary said...

Hi Peter,
So glad that you stopped by ! Thanks for the kind words :-))


Charlie Hayes said...

Perfect Peace beyond comprehension
Love ya Mary

Mary said...

You said it, Charlie!
Love right back at ya :-))


Julian said...

Words falling like apples blown by a gust of wind from the tree; ripe and good to eat or to be left untouched, beautiful beneath the tree. And who watches this, and who watches Mary, bent over her keyboard, like a cool breeze, or a gust of wind.

For myself, in the role of Parish Priest among others , the words flow on their own, but alone, there is always nothing to pray.

Thank you for words that are so much like a prayer said by nobody.

Mary said...

Thank you for your lovely, poetic comment, Julian, it really touched me.