Perfect Satisfaction

Unable to make a simple wish,
Unable to pray for..
Unable to want what isn't,
Unable to desire..

This is not a loss.

What could possibly be wanted, that isn't already here, now?
What could be better than, or even different from, This?
Isn't there endless change in the changeless, anyway?
Can there be anything other than what is, here, now?

Perfect satisfaction is what I AM.

Perfectly Being...
what is.

No one to want something else.


Exquisite Isness

The more the veils of ignorance fall away,
the less I know...

And of course, "veils of ignorance falling away" and "someone knowing" are just more thoughts
which are untrue.. vibrations of Beingness.

This is an unknowing which is so very okay...
Being doesn't need to be known, it IS..

We could say that it is beyond unknowing or knowing,
THIS is beyond all concepts - there simply is no way
to describe what is....and that is also
very okay..

This is (here come the concepts again! ;-)) fresh, here, now and unpredictable...
It's so okay, so natural, so effortless...

I wish I could convey how ... words fail... the "suchness" of Being is so exquisite in its... isness.

So, quiet now.


Unfolding Naturally

life is

the I AM seems to flow, unfolding
spontaneously appearing
a kaleidoscope of Beingness

there is no efforting, no striving, no trying
to be
being requires nothing

is anything going anywhere?
there is nowhere that is not here
there is nothing that is not this

what we are is effortlessness
the steady ground of being
in which, from which
all springs forth

and what is that?

no answer
the question dissolves in the seeing

maybe a smile is enough of an answer,
maybe just this, nothingness
unfolding naturally as everythingness
is all there is

any answer dissolves in the seeing
the seeing has no need

just delight in unknowing,
just loving-to-be
just this