You Are Not Lost

Nothing can bring you closer to This,
Nothing can move you away...
The one who wants to find liberation doesn't exist.

You cannot turn in any direction and find anything other than THIS, which is YOU.
Like the sea 100 ft. deep, where is the "separate drop" of water which goes its own way?

No guru can give This to you, no "teacher" can take It away...
Understanding seemingly happens in YOU, as YOU.
And if there appears to be no understanding, YOU still ARE.

You can't tie yourself up in knots trying to "get" This, who is doing it?
If an intense urge arises to investigate, then that's what IS, now - who can stop it?
If a total collapse and sense of helplessness arise, then that is what IS, now...are "you" doing it?

If there is truly no one, then no one can cause anything,
Or stop what is, inevitable.

You cannot become lost, you ARE NOT LOST.
"Lostness" is an idea twinkling like a star - here, gone, here, gone, here, gone...
Just like the "me" in daylight and then in deep, dreamless sleep..

A belief in a "me" doesn't affect YOU at all.
Identification is as ephemeral as that fat fluffy cloud in the sky....try to grab it, what happens?
Ultimate Reality doesn't need understanding or recognition or liberation...it already IS.
And that is more than enough..

What am I?

There is no answer, and no desire for one.


Svante Odmark said...

Hi sweetie! So great to read your words again. You're right on it as always. And where else could you be...? :-)


Mary said...

Thank you, Svante, I'm glad you visited! :-))


Rob said...

Hi Mary.

I love the seeming paradox at the heart of nonduality:

It appears to be you who discovers that you were YOU all along.

Thus revealing that since there is only YOU... YOU are in fact the sole reality of the discovery. :-)

YOU dreamed up the apparition of you in order to implement this tale of concealment and discovery.

As you put in another post:

Show me something that is not YOU,
and I'll show you how Love dreams..



Mary said...

Hi Rob,
So glad you visited, and thank you for your kind comment. I like your "Radical Tao!" ;-))