The Best Pointer Is Silence

There are no teachers of Advaita, neither on this blog nor anywhere else.

What is, cannot be taught, known, or understood. There is no one to know This. There is no one who knows Beingness better than another.

What seems to be happening is a sharing, an expressing....some expressions seem to resonate....or not....but it's all happening in the dream of Oneness....in reality, nothing is happening at all.

Words fall so short! How to express Beingness? Well, just look around....everything is Beingness. And "everything" is really nothing. It might be called energy, vibration, presence...or "suchness." These words may get close to describing what is....but they can never quite do it, can they?

Spontaneous "is-ing".... expressions arise....there is no purpose, they simply appear as something which is really nothing.... no one to teach, no one to learn or "get" This.... it is already "gotten" because YOU ARE This.

The "me" that seems to be appearing does not know that, and never will.

The drop of water 100 ft. deep is thirsty. In reality it is drowning in Itself.


bibi said...

And this silence is the appearances and the appearances are this silence...no division...this silence allows everything to be,even this sense of "me",the judgments,critics,pissed off states,this beautiful piece of music...and pershaps also the total disappearance of the sense of "me" and everything is thus seen differently;and so what?? why making a fuss about this? this story of liberation has no more meaning than eating fish and chips in the sofa or yelling at your wife! but why not make a fuss about it! anyway all of this is only an appearance of that silence,that timeless presence...so have a good beer!:-)

Svante Odmark said...

Yes. The drop of water 100 feet deep never even existed - so who or what can quench it's thirst? Or where can it drown - if not in it's own non-existence; in other words, in Itself.

Such a wonderful place to drown...! :-)


Bob W. said...

A modern Upanishad for your enjoyment:


Bob W.

Bob W. said...

A simple answer for Bibi--

For me the awareness of nonduality makes me happy as I go about my daily business.

It makes me semi-ecstatic to feel one with the universe, even though it doesn't cause me to drop ordinary life and go live in a cave somewhere.

It's simple--the ancient philosophy of the Upanishads makes me happy! It's no more cosmic or complicated than "That".

Bob W. (www.myyogabook.wordpress.com)

daj said...

what also seems to be often happening is strife and greed, anger and aggression, confusion and bitterness...they appear to balance love and sharing, beauty and compassionate understanding...none can be refused....witnessed in alarm or insouciance, happenings happen and there is no editor of the content nor can sweetness be chosen over bitterness....there is no place where things go un-mixed....just a swirling and unfolding in a space that contains and allows it all....even a wish for purity of content....dog shit awaits the foot on the way to smell the flower....'is-ness'.
no offense of any sort intended upon any being or non-being. blessings, daj

Mary said...

Hi Bob,
I really liked "That," ;-) Thank you for sharing.


Charlie Hayes said...

Mary, I love how you express this ... keep 'em coming! Much respect and affection,

Mary said...

Thank you Charlie - the feeling is mutual! Glad you visited. :-)