"Enlightenment" Will Give You Nothing

What will enlightenment, advaita, non-duality, freedom, liberation, or seeing give you?
Absolutely nothing.

There is no gain whatsoever. How can you have more of yourself, if you are everything and nothing?

In the story of me, the "me" thinks it will gain something....like peace or freedom, etc. But if liberation is the seeing that there is no one, then who will benefit? If everything seen, imagined and experienced is YOU, what could be desired?

In the story, anything can happen. More peace, more conflict, less conflict, less peace....it matters not one bit because what you are is already complete, whole and fully THIS. We might say that WHAT IS expresses "isness," freely, in joy and in peace - and what that looks like is "everything." Oneness doesn't "give" anything to anyone, that is not possible.

So, "enlightenment" is not something new, it's simply what you are....and then if there arises the sensation and belief in a separate person with free will, so what? What could that possibly mean to YOU, the unfathomable Beingness that illuminates all? Just because there seems to be someone there, that doesn't mean there is....

And if in the story the "me" seems to drop away, has anything really changed? Are YOU any different than "before?" Sure, the story of "me" will change, that is the nature of appearances, with or without the story of "Liberation."

"But I don't know this," you might say. Oh really? What will knowing this give you that you don't already have? Who needs to know that YOU ARE? Do you want eternal peace-love-freedom-aliveness forever and ever?

Well, you can't have it because you already ARE IT. Now what? Notice how the story of me is never satisfied, the never-ending loop of "I want, I want, I want...." There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, it's beautiful....it just doesn't affect what you are, that's all. Getting what "you" want doesn't change anything about YOU.

Right here and right now, what is desired and what is given?

"Enlightenment will stop my suffering," is another statement we might make. Do you need to "get enlightened" to see right now, here, that you are not suffering? Not at all, right? It's all here, present, alive in every h-e-r-e-n-o-w.... no suffering.

This is it. This is YOU. Pure Grace.

Is that enough? ;-))


Julian said...

Things are happening - reality bubbling up, including this false self, thoughts, body that I have been used to calling 'me'. But it isn't the individual me and when you notice that it isn't 'me' the nature of this reality appears to change qualitively from threatening to vibrant and exciting; the hitherto raging feelings now feel more like a rodeo - great fun to watch and be involved in.

The rodeo includes the movement of mind from neutral back to personal, from vibrant back to threatening, without any sense of loss.

For me this has been made easier to see or notice because of the poetic - rather than direct - nature of a lot of your writing.It is like the whale in the story of Jonah. The words swallow you up and then transport you to another place.

The poetry gets through my mental defences in a way that more plain speaking does not.

Its really great. Thank you so much.

Mary said...

Hi Julian,
So glad the messages are resonating...reading your message, I felt an excitement and then I had to smile, because we are excited for nobody - there is nothing to gain! And yet....excitement arises. It's a wonderful free-fall.


Much love,

Julian said...

Like waves dancing upon rocks, leaving no imprint, but touching everything with joy.