The question of suffering in the world is often grappled with when reading the messages of non-duality. The "mind" doesn't understand how everything can be Love, when there appears so much turmoil, stress and pain happening.

Right here, right now, though, there is no suffering anywhere. Anything we can point to is a thought, image, projection or memory arising in Being. Can we prove that there is suffering in the world? Notice how suffering can only happen to a "me" or "them"....it can't be here, now. It can only be in memory or projection.

In the dream, there appears to be movement to alleviate suffering, and movement to cause suffering. The "ones" who move to cause suffering, aren't they really just trying to alleviate suffering - their own? Isn't this a story of Love searching for Love, and all the bumbling attempts to find it?

And in the appearing of pain or sadness, for example, what is at the core of them? What is the foundation? If there is no resistance, isn't there a wellspring of Love at the core? Acceptance, peace? In deep sadness, isn't there something exquisitely beautiful, when simply allowed to be?

What "you" see out in the "world" is a picture show, complete with sensations, feelings, ideas, etc. - in short, experienc-ing. Everything is labeled as right/wrong, good/bad, pain/pleasure. Without these labels, what is happening? What is labeled "suffering," isn't that just the story of "me" with another thing labeled "pain" and "resistance" added?

The bottom line is that here, now, there is no suffering, ever. In the nothingness of what is - a void so pulsing with tender benevolence that it brings tears to these eyes - everything is allowed to appear, everything....all is embraced, celebrated even.
Seen through the eyes of "me," this will not make sense. But experienced in this here-now, there is no need for it to make sense. There is no one who needs to understand, there is just THIS, loving-to-be. All labels fall apart, in the mystery of THIS.

So, if "you" feel the pain of the world on your shoulders, notice that it might in reality be something else, something deeply soft and tender, be-ing - which is what you really are. And notice how the body moves, or doesn't....how the character participates fully in the dream...how Love seems to care for itself, or doesn't, without needing any care at all...


Peter said...

Yes, Mary, such Love.....

Another phrasing of this sweetness read recently:

"We could say that when the knowing of any object is relieved of its objective qualities, the identity of Consciousness and Existence is revealed. This revelation is known as Happiness in relation to the body, Peace in relation to the mind and Beauty in relation to the world." Rupert Spira

In silence the rest is said....


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary!If it is your face on the picture you are tremendously beautiful!
Thanks for caring about my stupid question I guess love cannot care!
++Love Dennis++

Mary said...

Hi Peter,
That is just beautiful, thank you for sharing.


Mary said...

Hi Dennis,
Thank you! ;-))


Leslie said...

Hi Mary,
That pretty much saved the day yesterday...thanks.

Mary said...

Hi Leslie,
Thanks for sharing, glad it resonated.


Jim Keller said...

I can't really contemplate the question of suffering or not. I do contemplate God a lot. I like God a lot. This may appear old fashioned or naive...but I still like God a lot. I am not even interested in what that means...But...when I say those words...and just rest with that...it appears that something opens up and is expanded.....and the little "me" appears to dissolve...and this brings so much happiness to the point where nothing matters...and yet... everyone and everything matters in an intense, intimate, loving manner. A seeming paradox...but I am happy with this paradox. And if someone comes up to me who appears to be "suffering", this "I" is there for them....with a peace and an authenticity and a love that appears very real.

I like God a lot. I think we are in love. Blessings, Jim.

Mary said...

God is so cool!! :-)) That is so beautiful, Jim, thank you for sharing.


Jim Keller said...

Oh thank you Mary...Yes God is cool and warm too! And with is...this shift in perspective...to God...to something or nothing...that is so vast and so caring and considerate too...with this...there is no hurry or worry or trying or effort or trying to figure out or posturing or keeping up a front or fear. Yes...no more fear. Just pleasantness and a glee...a glee to be here in this oh so precious moment of love and wonder and happiness and love (did I say love?) Yes, so much love. And if I do get sidetracked...which happens but is brief, I just behold God again...you know,,,the vastness and the wonder and the brilliance and the light that God brings...Yes...occassional clouds appear, but when I think of God, they pass swiftly. In the past... apparently, the clouds would stay for days and months and years...yet now...they are brief and it happens when I apparently get lost in thought. But ironically, it is the thought of God that moves the clouds away and then when I try to make the clouds come back...it is hard to do this! Anyway...I enjoyed this ramble.

Loving blessings and may God be revealed to everyone. Jim.