You Are Not a Feeling

What This is, is full-on Being.
No divisions, separations, witnessing, or causing.
Full-on Being.
Everything everywhere is YOU. Wherever you turn, there YOU are.

A kaleidoscopic window appears before "your eyes," somewhere in the vicinity of "your head."
In this window appear all kinds of images..
Sensations are experienced and some "objects," like "your body," are rather consistent experiences, while some objects may quickly flit into perception and disappear..

What is separate from what? "Your body" is simply a collection of sensations which constantly change..."Your head," where is it? Can it be verified at all, aside from sensations? Are "you" aware of "your head" at all times, or only when there is an ache or an itch, etc.? Heads come and go, but do YOU?

We look for a feeling of oneness with everything we see, to "prove" that there is only One. We want to know that we are Beingness. We want to feel totally connected to whatever is appearing, and if that feeling doesn't arise, we assume that there must be separation. But who said that a "feeling" is proof of anything? Either of oneness or separation? What we call a feeling is just that: another sensation arising in YOU, as YOU. Does it define the totality of what YOU are?

Skip the feelings and go right to the crux: can "you" know anything at all? Anything? The answer is no, and that puts the brakes on all speculation about oneness or separation, and what is left is simply This. "Trying to know Oneness" is another "happening" in YOU.

Oneness is THIS, right here and now, feeling or no feeling, sensation or no sensation, images or no images. Whatever is appearing is YOU, Be-ing. We can call this Oneness, separation, or Joe - words are just YOU, labeling YOU!

This is it. Full stop! There is no escape and no possibility of something separate, anywhere, anyhow.



The question of suffering in the world is often grappled with when reading the messages of non-duality. The "mind" doesn't understand how everything can be Love, when there appears so much turmoil, stress and pain happening.

Right here, right now, though, there is no suffering anywhere. Anything we can point to is a thought, image, projection or memory arising in Being. Can we prove that there is suffering in the world? Notice how suffering can only happen to a "me" or "them"....it can't be here, now. It can only be in memory or projection.

In the dream, there appears to be movement to alleviate suffering, and movement to cause suffering. The "ones" who move to cause suffering, aren't they really just trying to alleviate suffering - their own? Isn't this a story of Love searching for Love, and all the bumbling attempts to find it?

And in the appearing of pain or sadness, for example, what is at the core of them? What is the foundation? If there is no resistance, isn't there a wellspring of Love at the core? Acceptance, peace? In deep sadness, isn't there something exquisitely beautiful, when simply allowed to be?

What "you" see out in the "world" is a picture show, complete with sensations, feelings, ideas, etc. - in short, experienc-ing. Everything is labeled as right/wrong, good/bad, pain/pleasure. Without these labels, what is happening? What is labeled "suffering," isn't that just the story of "me" with another thing labeled "pain" and "resistance" added?

The bottom line is that here, now, there is no suffering, ever. In the nothingness of what is - a void so pulsing with tender benevolence that it brings tears to these eyes - everything is allowed to appear, everything....all is embraced, celebrated even.
Seen through the eyes of "me," this will not make sense. But experienced in this here-now, there is no need for it to make sense. There is no one who needs to understand, there is just THIS, loving-to-be. All labels fall apart, in the mystery of THIS.

So, if "you" feel the pain of the world on your shoulders, notice that it might in reality be something else, something deeply soft and tender, be-ing - which is what you really are. And notice how the body moves, or doesn't....how the character participates fully in the dream...how Love seems to care for itself, or doesn't, without needing any care at all...


Nothing But You

If what I AM is the source of absolutely everything,
what could I possibly want?

Beingness delights in what is...
what will be, or what was, has no meaning,
except in the weaving of a story..

The dream of past and future is beautiful (or not),
but nothing trumps what is,
because even the dream is only ever here, now,
appearing in what I AM.

There is no escape from what I AM,
the dream character is not able to detach from anything..
Oneness cannot separate into pieces.
There is only This, appearing as it does,
and there is no separation, anywhere.

Show me something that is not YOU,
and I'll show you how Love dreams..

There Is No Other

We think that the "other" is having a different experience than we are.  We assume that they experience their own "I AM," and that it is emanating "over there," while ours is "here."

But see that the "other" is simply another appearance to what we are.  An appearance to This, here.  We could say that "they" don't exist as separate from us, because they only exist as a perception in "here," and the perceiving is what we are.  "We" experience "them" as having their own experiences, but that is just an idea which arises during the experiencing of "ourselves and them!"  ;-))  All of it is Oneness being Oneness.

Anything that seems to be "other" than "you" is an experience that YOU are having of YOURSELF.  Therefore, there is no "I AM" over "there."  There is no "over there," and no "other."  There is just THIS, here, which includes experiencing the "me" and the "other." If we touch something, there is a sensation, a shape is seen, a smell, a sound is heard, etc. But in direct experience, we cannot say that anything exists apart from THIS, right here, because everything that appears, appears to, in, and as THIS.

There is no distance between any seeming "thing" and the perceiving/experiencing of it, which is YOU.  It's all YOU: every sensation, thought, sight, object, color, feeling.  See how experienc-ing is all that is "happening."  

It's kind of crazy!  So many thoughts and assumptions that simply melt in this direct experience.  A table is only how it appears to YOU.  Without YOU to experience it, does it exist?  Same for another "person!"  

There is only one I AM, not different I AMs arising from different "entities."  One I AM.  One Beingness, Oneness.  The simplicity of this truth is stunning.  The complexity of the dream is amazing.
Note: This post was inspired by a video I saw of Rupert Spira.  His mention of "zero distance" really resonated here.  For those who like videos, I recommend his on  http://www.stillnessspeaks.com/.  I haven't seen them all, but I've really enjoyed the ones I've seen.