What is written about here is not something "special" or
difficult to attain.  
It's the most natural thing there is, the only thing there is..
And it's already "attained."

And it's not a thing.
It's an is-ing, or be-ing..
There is nothing else "happening."
What is, is perfectly itself, always.

What appears, in This, as This
Is not a mistake.
The idea of separation is just that: an idea.
What we call judgements of good and bad arise,
Seeming discrete objects, people, emotions arise...
None of them is a mistake.

The play of separation can be so beautiful!!

It's simply that it's not real.
What is real is this one Beingness, impossible to escape from.
There is nothing to strive for, nothing to attain..
We already ARE This, naturally,
Without one ounce of effort,
And this is what is pointed to.

If "identification" rises up, so what?
It's natural! (until it's not) It comes and goes (even every night at sleep time!)
If "awakening" arises, great!
And so what?
Does it change what always IS?

There is no way, no matter what seems to be happening, that YOU cannot BE WHAT YOU ARE.
It's done.
Always the case, always here and now,


Nicholas (Conscious Flex) said...

Exactly, if 'identification' arises, there is no-one here or there to care.

This is all seemly to unfold, quite naturally and spontaneously, without a purpose or agenda. On its own accord, by nobody, no thing, no-one.

Thank you Mary

Mary said...

Beautifully said, Nicholas, thank you! ;-))


Julian said...

There's a feeling of coming home when your words are read. A light in the window, a fire in the grate. But sometimes the separate self (in the dream state) looks around and thinks the house is so messy, with little sign of anyone clearing it up, that it longs for the fresh air and the wide open spaces again. It runs to a place where it can sit a and meditate and be 'free' from the mess.

Mary said...

Yes, Julian, and I find that scenario that you describe (longing, sitting, meditating) beautiful in its spontaneous arising...all is as it is, perfectly so.


Julian said...

So kind to give so much attention Mary.

Thank you

Bob W. said...

I'm in the middle of reading the Upanishads. This poem would fit right in.

Bob W.