A Meditation

A little "story" which spontaneously arose this morning.  Sitting with the questions, observing the dance of back/forth, this/that....all the while, deep silence, deep joy, loving to be whatever arises..

And now some questions for you:

1) What are you afraid of?

Without "traveling" into a past or a future, are you afraid of anything?

2) What do you desire?

In the here-now, without "dreaming," do you desire anything?  

3) Are you going to die?

Notice what thoughts and ideas appear with this question.... if any.  Does the question even make sense?

4) Can you know anything?

Ahh...this one is so ripe with freedom, it just might burst into a sweet nectar!  ;-))

It seems like these questions use the mind to stop the mind...but isn't that also just another story?  Whatever arises is spontaneous, fresh and alive - now.  In this aliveness, is any explanation or purpose needed?


Bob W. said...

Could you tell me what are your favorite Yoga books and ancient texts that have influenced your writing? I'm reading the Upanishads right now, and I'd like your advice on what to read next.


Bob W.

(I'm really new to this site, and the answer to the following question is probably already contained somewhere on the site itself. So feel free to just direct me there.)

Mary said...

Hi Bob,
I'm glad you visited! Well, I think if you're reading the Upanishads, you've just about covered it ;-)) ! The writings on this site are not inspired directly from ancient yogic texts, and yet, it's all in there, isn't it? This message has been communicated for thousands of years...I'm afraid ancient texts aren't my "thing," but if you are interested in reading about non-duality, in simple, everyday language, many of the linked people on this site have written books on the subject. Thanks for your interest and support!


Bob W. said...

Thanks, Mary. I'll enjoy looking at all the links.

Bob W.