Lovely Stories

Whatever happens, happens in the story only.
"Suffering" or "awakening" are experiences/appearances that arise in YOU.

The "I" wants the story to change.
The "I" wants a different experience.
But it is the "I" itself which is an experience arising in what YOU really are.

YOU don't change, your appearance does.

So enlightenment is already the case. Nothing will happen, but this cannot be imagined by the "I" character.
The story may change significantly, or not, but isn't change the constant in the story whether seeking for Oneness appears or not?

The re-cognition of your true nature appears as an "event" in the story.  It doesn't have to "happen" for you to be what YOU already are.  The "I" wants to know this, to know the unknowable, but YOU don't need anything to appear or not appear in the story.  YOU are already complete, whole, love-ing.

In reality, there is always knowing and no suffering - now.


Julian Parker said...

Your words are kind of like saying everyone is alright or everything is Ok which it must be I suppose if it is everything...or nothing. But it is lovely to be affirmed in this way. It makes people blossom and then wonderful things begin to be revealed in them, which they always were.
Thank you Mary for your continued wisdom and love.

Jim Keller said...

Julian...how sweet your words: "...Your words are kind of like saying everyone is alright or everything is Ok..."
Yes...finally,inevitably...everything is alright and everything is okay...even at times...when things apppear so strongly not to be allright and okay.

Still...everyone is alright and okay...and these words are a soft introduction to; Everyone is both intimately and vastly love and loving. So sweet...love is always so sweet. Love, Jim.