A Bunch of Ideas Running Around

It seems sometimes that there are those who "know" something and point to Beingness, and those who are "trying to understand."  What is the difference between the ones who "point" and the ones who "seek?"  

Nothing, nothing, nothing.  There are no knowers and no seekers.  What comes out of "this" mouth is simply arising in THIS and what comes out of "that" mouth is another thing arising in THIS!  There seems to be meaning in what is happening, but there isn't.  It's just BEING, be-ing.

And yet, there still appears this play of appearances.  Let's have a look.

Imagine a meeting where the "one" who knows is sitting at the front of the room and the "seekers" are gathered all around.  Questions are asked and answered, there may be a feeling of energy around, and generally just a good time!  

It is often said that the difference between the one who knows and seekers is that there is "no one there" at the front of the room.  Words simply arise and seem to come through that body.  As for the "seekers," it is said that there is a belief in a separate person happening.  But who is it that believes in the separate person?  Is there actually anyone believing?

Right-here-right-now, is there a separate anyone present?  In direct experience, has there ever been a separate person?  If a "yes" is arising, I ask you: where does your body end and space begin?

Where do "you" end and space begin?

See that in direct experience, there simply is THIS.  Right-here-right-now, there never is a separate person.

An idea arises and it seems to connect with other ideas and before you know it voilà! there is a seeming person believing in personhood! But see right now how this is false.  Imagine a bunch of ideas running around believing in themselves ;-)) Can ideas believe in anything?? 

See that the pointing and the seeking are just this wacky play of vibrations and that without "seekers" there can be no "knowers" and that this play is simply Beingness loving-to-be!

There is absolutely nothing to get.  Seeking and investigating and eating and sitting and yoga and chocolate chip cookies - it's all THIS, all YOU, all supremely okay....more than okay, it's I AMness...

So, if there seems to be a separate person "there," notice (let's see if noticing happens) that, "oh, here's another idea arising in THIS, isn't that interesting?"  It's impossible to get away from THIS, YOU.  Everything that arises is simply YOUness, appearing as something distinct and separate. 

So there is no one to believe.  If that is true, then what is left? What is ever-present here now here now here now, if there is no one to know or not know or believe or seek??


Does that bring a smile to the face?  It does here ;-))


Bob W. said...

I just left this related blog on the YJ Community:

Here's a philosophical mind-twister for your Sunday morning spiritual pleasure:
I'm reading The Upanishads (one of the ancient texts of Yoga). They are startling in their simplicity, directness, and relevance. The back cover of the book and the first lines of the text are:

"All is perfect, so perfectly perfect!

Whatever being lives, moves

And breathes on Earth

At every level from atom

To galaxy is absolutely perfect in its place ..."

How can this be interpreted in light of all the obvious things that are clearly NOT perfect in the world?

Bob W.

Jim Keller said...

Well...from the perspective of vastness...or perhaps Divinity or God...everything is indeed perfect. From the common, separated, dualistc, human perspective, life and all it contains is judged to be either perfect or imperfect....with very little consensus. Blessings, Jim.

Jim Keller said...

Mary, regarding your post: Yes...it brings a smile here as well...and a sigh of relief. Nothing to do anymore. Of course, doing happens again and again...but still it feels appropriate to say: "nothing to do anymore." Maybe what I also mean or more accurately mean is: "Nothing to do about anything anymore" Ya...that feels more like it: nothing to fix, nothing to figure out, nothing to hurry or worry about. It feels like, more and more, life is experienced from the perspective of vastness. And this vastness feels like an oasis...where love lives and thirst cannot be found. Maybe vastness is all there is. Love and blessings, Jim.

Julian Parker said...

Yes it brings a smile to the face; it sounds like such freedom, such fun, paradise regained. Yet it is an uneasy smile because it is so hard to think of some of the things that we do as OK. Nobody believes that we don't do them.

Mary said...

Great comments, thank you all! Yes, it is difficult to witness some of the appearances with equanimity. But who says that that is the appropriate response, anyway? Tears, anger, fierce love, justice - are they not just as unconditionally welcomed as "everything" else? In the absolute, there is nothing happening. In the dream, actions/feelings often arise in response to what the "mind" calls atrocities - those responses are Love, too. Everything is an expression of THIS, whether "we" think it's good or bad.

My take is that perfection is simply WHAT IS. Whatever IS in this now is perfect, not because"I" like it or don't like it, but because it IS. "I" don't have a a say in what appears, and judging what appears as wrong doesn't make it disappear. And yet, judgement happens, and that is perfect, too! It's impossible to get away from THIS : perfectly WHAT IS.
Does a feeling of helplessness arise now? Or peace? A knowing that nothing can truly be destroyed or hurt, even though hot tears may be streaming down the face in outrage? All of it is perfectly what is.

Much love,

Julian Parker said...

it really feels like you are pretty much at peace with it all. Your writing never seems less than consistent. It must take a real clarity of vision not to be taken back and back into confusion.

Anonymous said...

A Course in Miracles in says in the Text :
“A simple question yet remains, and needs an answer. Do you like
the world you have made? -- a world of murder and attack, through which
you thread your timid way through constant dangers, alone and frightened,
hoping at most that death will wait a little longer before it overtakes you and
you disappear. You made all this up. It is a picture of what you think you
are; of how you see yourself. A murderer is frightened, and those who kill
fear death. All these are but the fearful thoughts of those who would adjust
themselves to a world made fearful by their adjustments. And they look out
in sorrow from what is sad within, and see the sadness there.”

Mary said...

Thank you, Julian, for your kind words, I appreciate your comments. You know, what we call confusion "happens," and well, it's just another appearance in what I AM. There just is no getting around THIS ! ;-))


Mary said...

Hi Dennis,
Thank you for commenting and sharing. ;-))


Peter said...

"Mommy, a mean 'ol be (st)ing'ed me, and woke me up!
Oh, (hey,hey) it was just a dream...."

Smile? I think the term is "shit-eatin' grin"!

Loving the wordplay, the dance, the song...

Mary said...

Too funny, Peter! ;-)) Thank you.


Julian Parker said...

"Seeing through the false claim of shouldness" Liquorman