A Meditation

A little "story" which spontaneously arose this morning.  Sitting with the questions, observing the dance of back/forth, this/that....all the while, deep silence, deep joy, loving to be whatever arises..

And now some questions for you:

1) What are you afraid of?

Without "traveling" into a past or a future, are you afraid of anything?

2) What do you desire?

In the here-now, without "dreaming," do you desire anything?  

3) Are you going to die?

Notice what thoughts and ideas appear with this question.... if any.  Does the question even make sense?

4) Can you know anything?

Ahh...this one is so ripe with freedom, it just might burst into a sweet nectar!  ;-))

It seems like these questions use the mind to stop the mind...but isn't that also just another story?  Whatever arises is spontaneous, fresh and alive - now.  In this aliveness, is any explanation or purpose needed?



What is written about here is not something "special" or
difficult to attain.  
It's the most natural thing there is, the only thing there is..
And it's already "attained."

And it's not a thing.
It's an is-ing, or be-ing..
There is nothing else "happening."
What is, is perfectly itself, always.

What appears, in This, as This
Is not a mistake.
The idea of separation is just that: an idea.
What we call judgements of good and bad arise,
Seeming discrete objects, people, emotions arise...
None of them is a mistake.

The play of separation can be so beautiful!!

It's simply that it's not real.
What is real is this one Beingness, impossible to escape from.
There is nothing to strive for, nothing to attain..
We already ARE This, naturally,
Without one ounce of effort,
And this is what is pointed to.

If "identification" rises up, so what?
It's natural! (until it's not) It comes and goes (even every night at sleep time!)
If "awakening" arises, great!
And so what?
Does it change what always IS?

There is no way, no matter what seems to be happening, that YOU cannot BE WHAT YOU ARE.
It's done.
Always the case, always here and now,



Identification seems to dissolve...

But see that NOW, there is no identification..
..so what dissolves? And when?

Lovely Stories

Whatever happens, happens in the story only.
"Suffering" or "awakening" are experiences/appearances that arise in YOU.

The "I" wants the story to change.
The "I" wants a different experience.
But it is the "I" itself which is an experience arising in what YOU really are.

YOU don't change, your appearance does.

So enlightenment is already the case. Nothing will happen, but this cannot be imagined by the "I" character.
The story may change significantly, or not, but isn't change the constant in the story whether seeking for Oneness appears or not?

The re-cognition of your true nature appears as an "event" in the story.  It doesn't have to "happen" for you to be what YOU already are.  The "I" wants to know this, to know the unknowable, but YOU don't need anything to appear or not appear in the story.  YOU are already complete, whole, love-ing.

In reality, there is always knowing and no suffering - now.


The Way

No words can describe what we are
And yet, Love seems to reach out (and in)
To experience its Beingness..

So tender, so sweet
Even the tears refresh 
And cleanse
What needs no cleansing..

Nothing is needed
And what is
Can only be This,
Right here, right now..

Somehow it's just right this way
The only way,
The way which cannot be circumvented,
The way that moves the "you" and the "me"..

And who's feet can avoid this path ?

And who can say that This, in any form, should not be ?


A Bunch of Ideas Running Around

It seems sometimes that there are those who "know" something and point to Beingness, and those who are "trying to understand."  What is the difference between the ones who "point" and the ones who "seek?"  

Nothing, nothing, nothing.  There are no knowers and no seekers.  What comes out of "this" mouth is simply arising in THIS and what comes out of "that" mouth is another thing arising in THIS!  There seems to be meaning in what is happening, but there isn't.  It's just BEING, be-ing.

And yet, there still appears this play of appearances.  Let's have a look.

Imagine a meeting where the "one" who knows is sitting at the front of the room and the "seekers" are gathered all around.  Questions are asked and answered, there may be a feeling of energy around, and generally just a good time!  

It is often said that the difference between the one who knows and seekers is that there is "no one there" at the front of the room.  Words simply arise and seem to come through that body.  As for the "seekers," it is said that there is a belief in a separate person happening.  But who is it that believes in the separate person?  Is there actually anyone believing?

Right-here-right-now, is there a separate anyone present?  In direct experience, has there ever been a separate person?  If a "yes" is arising, I ask you: where does your body end and space begin?

Where do "you" end and space begin?

See that in direct experience, there simply is THIS.  Right-here-right-now, there never is a separate person.

An idea arises and it seems to connect with other ideas and before you know it voilĂ ! there is a seeming person believing in personhood! But see right now how this is false.  Imagine a bunch of ideas running around believing in themselves ;-)) Can ideas believe in anything?? 

See that the pointing and the seeking are just this wacky play of vibrations and that without "seekers" there can be no "knowers" and that this play is simply Beingness loving-to-be!

There is absolutely nothing to get.  Seeking and investigating and eating and sitting and yoga and chocolate chip cookies - it's all THIS, all YOU, all supremely okay....more than okay, it's I AMness...

So, if there seems to be a separate person "there," notice (let's see if noticing happens) that, "oh, here's another idea arising in THIS, isn't that interesting?"  It's impossible to get away from THIS, YOU.  Everything that arises is simply YOUness, appearing as something distinct and separate. 

So there is no one to believe.  If that is true, then what is left? What is ever-present here now here now here now, if there is no one to know or not know or believe or seek??


Does that bring a smile to the face?  It does here ;-))