Know Nothing And Be

The mystery of what we are is not about knowledge...
We know nothing, and we cannot know "This."
We think someone knows something and passes on this knowledge,
But it's really about not-knowing anything:
an undoing, 
               a falling into the mystery.
The next step is unknown...who steps without feet?*
The next breath is not a certainty...who is doing breathing?
Words, if they come, are non-existent until spoken...
But what is heard?

The play of Life is exquisitely perfect.
What "we" want is so irrelevant!
What IS cannot help but rejoice in be-ing..
There is nothing else.

So, we can relax.  
In fact, we are already the very essence of relaxation.
"Getting" it or knowing something is not necessary at all.
All is well, as it is. 
What we are is beyond knowledge and understanding,
and we can't help but BE it,
always now,
now, and 

No thought, feeling, belief, or sensation can annihilate this truth.

* "This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment.  First, to let go of life.  Finally, to take a step without feet." - Rumi


Jim Keller said...

Hi Mary. These words of yours cause so much relaxation in my heart. Nothing to figure out or speculate about...nothing to worry or hurry about. Nothing to fix. Just this ongoing invitation to notice...And what I notice foremost is this love that reveals itself more and more and more...especially, it seems, when this I lets go of the hand rails or forgets to put the training wheels on...and when this I forgets about I. It seems also that the mind does not care so much about what did happen or what will happen. And yet, the heart is caring immensely about what is happening. Yes! There is an ongoing deep caring about what is revealed (exteriorly and interiorly) moment by moment. And also, it seems, that whatever presents itself...presents itself to be loved. And...this presence in me loves to love. Love and blessings, Jim.

Mary said...

Hi Jim,
SO beautifully said, thank you for commenting! I'm glad that you visited ;-))

Much love,