You're Not Going Anywhere

we don't need to think about this,
we only need to be BE this...

and not even that

being IS...
always happening
not happening like an "action," but be-ing..

no effort at all
so simple

the "me" that sits down to think about it all is also a thought, a story.
the story seems to be "going somewhere," but is it really?  
are YOU going anywhere?

in the midst of all the swirling thoughts and sensations, 
what simply IS....present?

that's it


Peter said...

Hi Mary,

like nutrients permeating a cells membrane, your words enter this heart and mind, delivering their light and love-such a yummy meal :) Thanks! (Wasn't that a Byrds' song-"You Ain't Goin No Where"?)

Joyful Spring (if you're in this hemisphere)


Mary said...

Hi Peter,
Thank for commenting...I don't know that Byrds' song, but it's a good title ;-))

Spring has sprung in Paris...but chilly.

Much love,

RB said...

For Mary: 'You make me feel so young, you make me feel like spring has sprung..' via Frank Sinatra!

I spent April in Paris in 1962, all expenses paid by the US Army.
It was wonderfull but now I feel I was to young to really appreciate Paris..I mean she's over thousand years old, no?

Your poetry, Mary, is so illuminating. I become very silent; words aren't enough to take it all in. "Be still and know that I am God."

Mary said...

Hi RB,
Thank you for all your enthusiastic comments ;-)) So nice to know that some things resonate. I can feel the joy in your words - what a gift!