An Idea

An idea imagined feet and walked for many miles
in wind and rain and mud,
sometimes sheltered by 
grand shady trees,
sometimes caressed by 
sunlight and
the perfume of fresh blossoms...

It kept going, a hot fire pushing imagined feet
further and further..

Until no-time shouted, "This is IT!" 

And the idea
walked right off a cliff 
into a vast landscape of 
imagined nothingness,
the ground of which was total free-fall, 
the lack of someone
the truth of no one
just this..

Nothing is necessary.


RB said...

Beautiful, Mary; lovely, lovely. I feel the vibrations to the core.

Thank you.

Mary said...

Thank you, RB, for your kind words...so glad it resonated with you - I feel it in your words, too..


Leslie said...

A free-fall sounds lovely just like holding nothing does.
Lovely Mary...

Mary said...

Thank you for commenting Leslie ;-))


Julian Parker said...

The most insightful writing I have come across.

I have been a parish priest for 15 years and virtually no one has ever got any of this. It doesn't matter if no one much gets this does it Mary?

Mary said...

Thank you Julian, for your kind words. No, no one gets it, and nothing matters. Yet, Being seems to delight in be-ing, all the same...which includes appearances like "getting it" and "not-getting it" or "falling off a log," for that matter ;-)) Beautiful mystery.

Much love,

Julian Parker said...

Thank you. A very nice treat to get your reply so quickly. Your words fall like balm. They are particularly welcome as I have to attend a really uninviting meeting tonight. Everyone wants to run the Church like a ship involving a kind of military operation.

I shall think of you as my daughter is surprisingly in Paris tonight, taken this morning on a mystery tour by her boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, Mary, absolutely brilliant! Sorry, but I can't pull away from your writing. A bit of bouncing around on my part, but like I said yesterday, there's a texture to your words, a distinct feeling. I've never had this sensation before, and it's a bit off-putting. The priest mentioned "...like balm." Nicely put. Very soft and warm and almost velvety. Jesus, I never talk like this. Great words. Just great.

Mary said...

Oh, thank you, Mike - I'm so glad the energy is resonating.... But it's *your* description that I find so
lovely! A soft, warm, velvety BEing Fest ! :-))

We are truly ONE