What Does God Look Like?

The search for enlightenment arises in Enlightenment..
The search for liberation appears in Liberation..
The desire for love arises in Love..
The seeking for peace happens in Peace..

The separate "you" appears in YOU.

It's all a dream, which doesn't mean that nothing is real..
Everything is real, because everything is THAT,
But everything is not what it appears to be.

Choices seem to happen, but there is no chooser.
Deeds are done, but there is no doer.
Love is expressed, but there is no lover.
Someone seems to see his own absence, but it is not he who sees...

So while it seems that "we" are guiding our "lives," it is 
Life itself, Aliveness, which is expressing, and we are simply
the way this expression appears.  Have you ever wondered
what God looks like?  Well, now you know!  ;-))

Everything is Being, loving-to-be, and this is what you are.
Whatever arises, it cannot appear without, and can never be separate from YOU.


The Dream

and light play
on the immovable rock 
of Being...

The dream:

No-thing welcomes everything..

There is no separation.


You're Not Going Anywhere

we don't need to think about this,
we only need to be BE this...

and not even that

being IS...
always happening
not happening like an "action," but be-ing..

no effort at all
so simple

the "me" that sits down to think about it all is also a thought, a story.
the story seems to be "going somewhere," but is it really?  
are YOU going anywhere?

in the midst of all the swirling thoughts and sensations, 
what simply IS....present?

that's it


An Idea

An idea imagined feet and walked for many miles
in wind and rain and mud,
sometimes sheltered by 
grand shady trees,
sometimes caressed by 
sunlight and
the perfume of fresh blossoms...

It kept going, a hot fire pushing imagined feet
further and further..

Until no-time shouted, "This is IT!" 

And the idea
walked right off a cliff 
into a vast landscape of 
imagined nothingness,
the ground of which was total free-fall, 
the lack of someone
the truth of no one
just this..

Nothing is necessary.



Who am I?

That question seems to move through nothingness
a leaf in the breeze,
ending up as a faint whisper of ...

what was the question?