Simply And Effortlessly You Are

That bird chirping outside the window...
The sound of the water gurgling in the radiator...
Muffled voices in the apartment upstairs..

Why are these happenings unimportant, overlooked, ignored?

Is it because they are not happening to "you?"  Because they do not impact "my life" and "me" directly?  

The swirling drama of "the me story" is the only event of interest?  And often, if the sounds are noticed, they occur to "me" and for "me."  But in fact, that birdsong IS YOU.  There simply appears an idea of separation...... and we could call that idea "me."

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.  The story of "me" is beautiful, interesting, divine (or not)...and also YOU.  It is not a mistake!  The "you" that is believed in is not wrong.  Identification seems to happen, that is all.  And when it does, there seems to be a sense of separation, of lack.   But it's not what you think.  It's not real in that there really is no separation.  Separation is an idea arising in non-separation.  It appears to be, and is not.  In the wholeness of THIS, we could say that there is neither separation nor non-separation.  No concept can survive WHAT YOU ARE.

"You" don't have to wait for separation to "fall away."  Right here, right now....what is here?  Does the concept of separation have any meaning right here and now?  Isn't there just This, reading or typing or sitting or silence, or all of the above?  Simply, effortlessly?  Isn't there complete unknowing and total okayness with what is, simply and effortlessly?  Is there anything needed?  Does anyone care or even exist to contemplate "separation," right here and now?

Now the birds are silent, and darkness falls....
Who or what notices this?

1 comment:

Peter said...

Right here, always now, there is gratitude, contentment and joy, Mary, and love for this
Presence, in all Its many guises-what a perfect gift!